Overfitting Disco goes Camp Cosmic


Every DJ in town is talking about it, as it’s the one and only underground disco festival the aficionados wait for the whole year.

We’re talking about notable fellow DJ Albion Venables’ “Camp Cosmic”, that is becoming bigger every year and will be held in Stockholm from 10 to 12 August 2012.




Overfitting Disco crew will be there in full force together with our spaced out italo stars The Robot Scientists.

The lineup is truly sensational, as it groups up the creme de la creme of world’s disco DJs: Albion of course, and then Karol, Rob’n’Zoopsie, Claudio Burgos, Sergio Rizzolo, SpAceLex, Mystic Rock and many many more!

Craving to get more infos? Watch the teaser here below and spread the news

Late minute update: even more DJs have been added to the official lineup and there will be incredible special guests!

Get your tickets now as this is gonna be THE summer 2012 event disco hardcores can’t miss. A great chance to see and hear spinning live the biggest concentration of disco DJs holding the true disco spirit.

More infos in Camp Cosmic Facebook group here. Tickets can be only bought here, also you can write to campcosmic (AT) gmail (DOT) com and request yours together with more information. Last but not least check out this very nice interview with the man himself.

Get your tickets now or burn in Ibizahell!


EXCLUSIVE ! The Robot Scientists present “Musica da Batticuore” n. 17

the robot scientists

Very special friday session with The Robot Scientists tomorrow! Our fellow robot DJs deliver once again, and as always it’s great content. They have just finished doing the latest episode of their uber famous mixtape serie “Musica da Batticuore” that contributed to build their fame as the italo legends we all know.

Now it’s time for episode number 17! So, italo fans do not miss it for anything in the world, it will be first broadcasted on the radio tomorrow (instead of the usual “Spaced out Disco Session”), Friday May 4th, at 20.00 UTC, and then made available for download, complete with the tracklist 🙂


The Robot Scientists featuring Lisa – Space Hole EP



Stop the press! Overfitting Disco BFFs and regulars The Robot Scientists have just released their new disco effort which is available since just a week (it has been officially launched on March 23rd) on their own “Emerald & Doreen Recordings” label and we couldn’t be any more proud of our most beloved space robots!

As many of you recall, their first single “Space Love EP” was released in 2011 on David Caretta’s label “Space Factory” and was supported by Moonbootica, Ajello, Angel Molina, Johnny Jewel/Italians do it better and many other DJs. “Black Hole” is similarly impressive, and a refined blend of electronic Disco, Balearic elements and classic New Wave guitars with the teenage-BjĂśrk-voiced Lisa, who joined TRS on a mesmerizing ride through a Black Hole and out again into a new dimension of electronic music. The impressive roster of talented up-and-coming and legendary remixers makes this an outstanding release and a highlight of early 2012. The release contains two main versions (Radio and Extended versions) plus remixes from our friends Alexander Robotnick, Irregular Disco Workers, Nicolas Chenard, Kid Machine, Casionova, Antoni Maiovvi providing you the best possible explorations of the disco, nu-disco, electro, dub, italo territoires.

The Robot Scientists are DJ legends of the retro-futuristic disco movement that is expanding across the globe for a few years now. They are famous for their electro-disco vinyl collection and highly respected for their tasteful “Spaced Out Disco”, “Cosmic Beach Club” and “Musica Da Batticuore” mixtapes for which they only use vinyl records, blending vintage and contemporary “cosmic” NuDisco, Italo Electro, Balearic House and Funk classics into a hypnotic, psychedelic, spaced out ride on their colourful disco spaceship.

The Robot Scientists are running the acclaimed “Mister Italo” blog and are part of the “Overfitting Disco” blog team. Both combined stand for the world’s largest treasure box of mostly unheard 70s, 80s and 10s disco masterpieces.
You can listen to “Black Hole” at the links here below:

Emerald & Doreen


The Robot Scientists’ Soundcloud page:


And also check out this nice youtube video:


Fourth Birthday Report – The 12-hour-long recording is here!

If you’ve missed our blog’s birthday party – originally aired on Fri. Dec. 30, or just want to listen to the DJ sets once more, the recordings of the 12-hour Disco marathon night are now available for download.

As usual, we’d like to wholeheartedly thank the DJs who accepted the invitation, and, of course, all the radio listeners, who, we hope, enjoyed this night as much as we did.

Note: Please, favour the torrents over the direct links if you can.

In order of appearance:

00 [Jingle] Direct link
01 Mark Boon Direct link
02 Chris Kontos Direct link
03 Carlo Simula Direct link
04 Jussi Kantonen Direct link
05 spAceLex Direct link
06 Loud-E Direct link
07 okay_awright Direct link
08 Spaziale Direct link
09 Casionova Direct link
10 The Robot Scientists Direct link
11 Rob’n’Zoopsie Direct link
12 How_Beezar Direct link
13 Mystic Rock Direct link

Compared to the previous birthday reports, the DJ sets for download are (almost) pristine material, without any of the cosmetic changes or jingles or heavy re-mastering that were added during the original broadcast. No tracklisting this time around, sorry.

P.S. The previous birthday recordings are available here, there, and finally here.


The Robot Scientists on air tonight at 8 P.M. UTC

Make sure to listen to us, The Robot Scientists and our “Spaced Out Disco” radio show tonight, exclusively here on Overfitting Disco Radio, at 8 PM UTC. Our summer party warm up mix features many awesome electro and space disco classics you should not miss! Enjoy the flight! 😉

The Robot Scientists Spaced Out Disco Radio & Event

The Robot Scientists Spaced Out Disco Radio Show & Event

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