You’re just the same

International Power – You’re just the same

This German Private recording from ’78 sounds and smells exactly as rare as it is. Could have been recorded in one of the guys bedroom or in the garage with a cheap drum kit and a Moog synthesizer. We will never know but we will dance our ass off to it with waving hands in the air!

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The Five Blackies


The Five Blackies – Summer’s Almost Over

The Five Blackies – Disco Nights

There’s been a lot of talk about this German private pressing the last couple of years, so i thought it was time to get it on Overfitting. Rumours said that only few copies exists and they originally was giving out at a concert as some kind of promo.
A side “Summer’s almost over” which i like the most is in some way more a rock tune. First time i heard it i couldn’t really understand the fuzz about it, but i got sucked into it’s vibe and it became very addictive.
Flip side is a real disco banger and if you’re into the more cheesy German style you will love this! Aren’t we all feeling as the king of the disco night sometimes? i know i am..

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German Private Hippie Disco


Atlantik 74 – My Love

is a german private hippie disco track with a kind of lo-fi feeling. It seems that this recording is made by some turkish immigrants, released on a small private label.

Atlantik74 – My Love

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