12 West Mix


12 West Mix

The 2nd mix in the series based on the club charts of Vince Aletti’s book Disco Files. This one contains records spinned at the legendary New York gay club 12 West during the last week of 1975 and the first ones of 76, seemingly the culmination point of a particularily bizarre period in music history. This is when the disco remake subgenre was at it’s peak and all kinds of dance versions of hits and unlikely hitettes flooded the market from all over the globe.

One would have thought the shirtless guys at places like 12 West and The Flamingo would go for tough tracks but no, they embraced the camp excesses of “Baby Face” by The Wing and A Prayer Fife & Drum Corps and “My Way” by The Bobby Azeff Orchestra. Talking of which, even Frank Sinatra himself decided to update his repertoire with a discofied interpretation of the standard “Night And Day”, included here along with then-hot diva dance tunes by flamboyant gay icons Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand.

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La Martinique, New York


La Martinique, New York

Starting a new series focusing on playlists featured in Vince Aletti’s book Disco Files.

On page 49 dj Raymond Goynes lists his top ten for the week of December 28 1974 at La Martinique in New York. The titles include kickass boogiestyle cuts like Philadelphia by B.B. King, Express By B.T.Express and both the Gene Page and Love Unlimited Ork versions of Barry White’s Satin Soul. Many of the other records popular in clubs during the week like Get Dancin’ by Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, one of the biggest hits of the season, don’t get mentioned but it’s quite possible that at least this hilarious/awful/fascinating fave got spinned at La Martinique as well. Hear some of Get Dancin’ in the mix and see what you think. Crap or grand?

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Darkroom Disco Mix


Jussi Kantonen – Darkroom Disco Mix

Originally commissioned to kick off a new series of mixes presented on author Luca Locati Luciani’s FB page for his book “Crisco Disco – Disco Music & clubbing gay negli anni ’70-’80″, this is c 50 minutes of music to be played in a darkened room full of cowboys, cyborgs, nuns and French sailor boys. For the latter, there’s a lengthy segment focusing on Paris, with tracks by Zamulo, Patrick Juvet and Bernheim. The others might go for Bazooka, Disco Dick or Denise McCann bellowing out a disco version of the Marlene Dietrich classic The Boys In The Back Room:
“See what the boys in the backroom will have,
And tell them I’m having the same.
Go see what the boys in the backroom will have,
And give them the poison they name.”

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No Cheese Just Sleaze


Rutes – No Cheese Just Sleaze

  1. Michel Clement Et Son Orchestre – Citta Violenta
  2. Goom – Good Morning
  3. Ray Gay’s Band – Reggae Reggae
  4. Citroen Melodie – Black Magic Ladies
  5. Persimfans – E.S.P.
  6. The People Next Door – Husband & Wife
  7. Dalla Colonna Sonora Originale – 40 Gradi
  8. Marcello Giombini – Zelda
  9. Daniel Faure – Salut Les Frangines
  10. Graffitti Kids – Running To My Life
  11. John First – Swingaboo
  12. Some Japanese Tune….
  13. Ras Enoch – Money
  14. Pink Lady – Monster
  15. Jack Hammer – My Pretty Baby
  16. Fontenas – Whipping Post
  17. Don Muro – Squash
  18. Prohibition – French Disco Take One
  19. Nico Fidenco – Emanuelle In America Theme

Thanks Rutes. Check out his Soundcloud too.

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Sticky: Overfitting Disco 6 Report

All the DJ sets that were originally aired for the blog birthday party on Dec 28 2013 are now available for download. Enjoy!

Note: please favour the torrent links for bandwidth usage reasons, thank you.

In order of appearance:

1 od6-flyer-small_46837567433 [jingle] Torrent
2 KMTR KMTR Torrent
  1. Сия Михайлова и Магдалена Диманова – Диско Клуб
  2. Sharon and Musarrat – Chal Disco Chal
  3. Camouflage – Bee Sting
  4. Love Robot – Slaves Of Pleasure
  5. Dr. Jerky & Mrs. Hive – Higher! (Special Disco Version)
  6. The Salsoul Orchestra – Don’t Beat Around The Bush
  7. Passengers – Touch And Go (KMTR Re-Edit)
  8. Neoton Família – Marathon
  9. Voggue – Go For It
  10. The Originals – Call On Your Six Million Dollar Man
  11. Ансамбль „Мелодия“ – Дискотека
  12. 1er Discopera – Fickle Love
  13. Sweeties – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
  14. Amadeo – Let’s Move Your Body
  15. USA-European Connection – Join The Dance
  16. Shobizz – Everybody’s In Shobizz (KMTR Re-Edit)
  17. Ganymed – It Takes Me Higher
  18. Pequeña Compaña – Francisco Alegre
  19. Salvo – I’m Free
3 Ricardo Piccolo Ricardo Piccolo Torrent
    private tracklist
4 Christian D'Or Christian D’Or Torrent
  1. Tri Atma & Gyan Nishabda – Microcosmos
  2. Wally Badarou – Theme From Countryman
  3. Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Run One Mile
  4. The Doors – Ghost Song
  5. Michael Rother – Feuerland
  6. Riechmann – Himmelblau
  7. Ravi Shankar – Fire Night
  8. Can – Future Days
  9. Rava – Verde Que Eu Te Quero Ver
  10. Harald Grosskopf – So Weit, So Gut
5 DEA DEA Torrent
    private tracklist
6 Jussi Kantonen Jussi Kantonen Torrent
  1. Alan Debray – Salsable
  2. Guam & Zaka Percussion – Le Serpent
  3. Chris Berghan – Louie (instrumental)
  4. Cathy Lee – You Are The Song pt 2
  5. Red Blood – Blood Transfusion
  6. Jacques Michel – Lighthouse
  7. Hot Butter – Pipeline
  8. Los Valentinos – Telstar ´75
  9. Bobby Christian – Mooganga
  10. Los Valentinos – Spanish Boogie
  11. Space Fiction – Space Entry
  12. Hot Chocolate – Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac / Instant Funk – Got My Mind Made Up
  13. Louise Leshter – Deshabillez-Moi
  14. John Gregory – Jet Stream
  15. Gino Soccio – There’s A Woman
  16. Oliver’s Planet – Planetarium
  17. Pryde – The Funky Beggarman
  18. Los Valentinos – Jolene
  19. Weyman Corporation – Le Chat
  20. Green Poppies – Young Lovers
7 Carlo Simula Carlo Simula Torrent
  1. Silvan – Bim Sala Bim
  2. Samantha – Superman
  3. Louiselle – Madamigella Mia
  4. Sand Flowers – Casino Sahara
  5. Gino Pavan – Magico
  6. Batkin Brothers – Tropical
  7. Cinzia Genderian – Sono ciò che ho
  8. Orchester Sarkicilari – Ooh Ooh
  9. Sapabos – Chattanooga
  10. Tullio de Piscopo – Fastness
  11. Omni – Green Line
  12. Walter Martino – What Love Can Do
  13. Carlo Maria Cordio – Soul Vibration
  14. Cool Machine – City of the devils
  15. Zabaz – Maad
  16. L’Antico Castagno – Sciack Sciuk Seghin
  17. Gino Pavan – La terra e il seme
  18. Speed Light – Tunnel
8 okay_awright okay_awright Torrent
  1. Bruna Lelli – Con te sulla spiaggia
  2. Franco Tomassini – Gli ultimi tempi
  3. B.B. Jackson – Super Boogie
  4. Federico Aschieri – You’ve Got The Music
  5. B.B. Jackson – Disco March
  6. Loris Ceroni – For Dancing
  7. Augusto Martelli e la sua orchestra – Popcorn Time
  8. Kitrà – Hôtel de la plage
  9. Loredana Rancati – Ancor di più
  10. Marina Marfoglia – Prendimi, toccami
  11. Chrissy G – There’s A Disco In Town
  12. Katty Line – Adriano
  13. Charter – Be Careful (vocale)
  14. Frankie Disco Band – Where’s The Sun (Vocal Version)
  15. Primadonna – Flashing On The Floor
  16. Diva –- No More In Love (Vocal)
9 Vomatron Vomatron Torrent
  1. Bent Fabric – En massør har altid ret
  2. Baccara – Give me more
  3. Bert Kaempfert – Frisco Disco
  4. Kai Warner – The belly dancer
  5. Raymond LeFevre – Love Story
  6. Alfie Khan – Cool Magic
  7. Priscilla Scott – Jezebel
  8. Ayva Cicek – Ooh…ohh
  9. Ingmar Nordström – Exodus
  10. Walter Murphy – Classical dancing
  11. The Hiltonaires – Disco-take
  12. Top Stars – Cherie Guitar
  13. Ole Høyer Orchestra – Velkommen Mazurka
  14. Klaus Doldinger – Loco-motive
  15. Jimmie Haskell – Train stuff
  16. James Last – Chili concane
  17. Pablo Cruise – El Verano
  18. Mediterraneo – Arco Iris
  19. MKT – Detroit City
  20. Mabel – Space ABC
10 Nixxon Nixxon Torrent
  1. Discopolis – Gitano
  2. Kebekelektrik – Mirage
  3. Peter Henn – Punchy Plum
  4. Crazy Horse Saloon Orchestra – Crazy lady
  5. Jean Paul & Angelique – Computerman
  6. Cusco – Galapagos
  7. The Flying Tigers – Spitfire
  8. Linda Law – All the Night
  9. Sandy Powers – Farewell
  10. Sideros
  11. Gong Savana – Tarzan Will Come
  12. The Music People – Marruecos
  13. Honey – Superrythm
  14. Patricia Paay – The Touch
  15. Zzongo – The big Bamboo (instrumental)
  16. Stelvio Cipriani – September 23
  17. Number one Ensemble – Vaya Vaya
11 The Robot Scientists The Robot Scientists Torrent
  1. Herman’s Rocket – Green Creature
  2. Network feat. Rik de Lisle – Space Survivor
  3. Tonet – Quarta Specie
  4. Mandrillo – Mr.D.J. Part 1
  5. Moon Birds – Astro 9
  6. Orlando Riva Sound – Dream Machine
  7. Slick – Space Bass
  8. Lucrethia & the Azoto 14,008 – Hey There
  9. Motown Sounds – Space Dance
  10. Gloria – Ping Pong Space
  11. Sponooch – Laserdance
  12. Majordom – Disconnected
  13. Angella Dean – World X
  14. Logic System – Domino Dance
  15. Brain – O.X.I.D.
  16. Giorgio Moroder – Einzelgänger
  17. Shoody – Ecstasy
  18. oP.8 – Butterfly
12 How_Beezar How_Beezar Torrent
  1. Scott Walker vs. Oleg Anofriev – Bouncer See Bouncer / Duet
  2. James Vincent – Stepping Up Walking On Higher Ground
  3. Funki Porcini – The Big Sea
  4. The Stone Roses – Somethings Burning / One Love
  5. Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culture
  6. Logic System – Talk Back
  7. Yazoo – State Farm
  8. The Brecker Brothers – As Long As I’ve Got Your Love
  9. My Bloody Valentine – Instrumental No 2
  10. Stanly Clarke – We Supply
  11. Jestofunk – Getto
  12. Stargard – What You Waitin’ For
  13. The Jacksons – Wondering Who
  14. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tong Poo
  15. Disco Circus – Dig It
  16. Soccer – Give Me Your Love
  17. Maywood – Gone Whitout A Reason
  18. Sparks – Kiss Me Quick
  19. The Bloods – Button Up
  20. Instinct – Sleepwalking
  21. Liasons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque
  22. Was Not Was – Wheel Me Out
  23. Venus Gang – Take Me Back To My Planet
13 Tiney Tiney Torrent
  1. Linda Lee – 13
  2. Marina Marfogli – Show Show Show
  3. Ramses – First Time I Saw Her
  4. Nadine Expert – Play The Game Of Love
  5. Zack Ferguson – Monkey Fever
  6. En Davy – Okay I Am K.O.
  7. Lalla Guia – Al Di Vento
  8. D.C. Larue – Confessions
  9. Asha Puthli – 1001 Nights Of Love
  10. B.B. Jackson – Disco March Pt.2
  11. Hurricane Fifi – Do You Want Me Mon Cheri
  12. Marie Laure Sachs – Music In Love
  13. M & W Band – Go Around
  14. Titiana Pini – In Paradiso E Torno
  15. Peter Nikys – Give Me
  16. Lola Dee – Love In Space
  17. Rita & L’Anonimo Ragazzi – Circus Music
  18. Love Fever – Love Fever

The previous birthday recordings are still available:
5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

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Disco Eclético Mix


Disco Eclético mix

Some like to dip their toes into perfectly clean piscines only, fearful of contaminated water and catching venereal diseases from other swimmers. Or floating turds. Same goes for night clubs, many shun away from lowlife. This here mix is not for well behaving people but it’s got a lot of variety, if not good taste. I originally intended to have it as my entry for the birthday selection but some of the tunes have been posted already by other members and a few tracks arrived too late for the deadline. Thanks: Thomas, Anssi & Carlo.

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Party Mix



What time is it? Midnight, 7th of October 1977. When does the Party begin? When we get there. The music? The long version of Burning Love by Pearly Gates plus all kinds of tracks.

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New Places Different Faces Mix


An exclusive DJ set by Rutes, who you could also meet and listen to at Camp Cosmic 2013.

Check out this quality mix!

Rutes – New Places Different Faces

Rutes’ personal message: “Shout to Albion and all the Camp Cosmic Crew!


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Dj Aicha, c’est elle! Le son va de Disco Francaise en passant par des sons Champs-Elysées et une pointe de La Main Jaune (discothèque parisienne de type Roller Disco). C’est clairement le partenaire idéal pour une petite après midi au bord de la piscine à siroter un bon cocktail. Ou une nuit furieuse, fiévreuse et enflammée.

Le French Disco mix made with exclusive 7″s by Aichadisco on Mixcloud

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Los Angeles ´76 Mix


Los Angeles ´76 mix

What kind of car did Pam Grier drive in 1976 – a De Tomaso Pantera GTS? A yellow Chevrolet Corvette? Imagine her behind the wheel at midnight, cruising past the billboards on her way to the After Dark in the corner of Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega, or to the famous Circus Disco. This is the music she heard on the radio, switching channels every few minutes. Cool jazzy moods, elegant instrumentals, male harmony tunes and a hot latin hustle classic or two.

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Life Is Real Only Here


Life Is Real Only Here

Should you have a soft spot for pulse disco – and by your choice of reading & listening material we take our chances – the works of Wolfgang Bock and Andre Ceccarelli should prove to be interesting as both provide delicate yet authoritative soundscape designs. The opening track Cycles by Bock and the following Life Is Real Only Here by Ceccarelli are extremely sophisticated explorations of space, texture and structure, set to a gently throbbing and definitely danceable beat. I also added a couple of other relating cuts of equally peaceful/agitated palette and subject matter.

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Lad Na with Curry Minimix


Long time no post.

Various Artists – Lad Na With Curry Minimix

Only Thai grooves and Indian beats.

The tracklist follows: (more…)

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Hills Of Bondhalla


Hills Of Bondhalla

I’ll fly with you
To the Mystic Hills of Bondhalla!

Smoke-scented breeze fills the trees
And you drift away
Slowly downstream in a dream
That goes on and on
On forever!

From meditative moods to fuck-art-let’s-dance bangers, here’s some of the music I played and should have played at Camp Cosmic 2013 in the hills of Bondhalla, Sweden.

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Party Teaser minimix

All I know at this point it’ll be in Palermo Thursday the 20th, it’ll be part of the Pride 2013 and it’ll be a special book publication party for Luca Locati Luciani’s new book on disco.
Djs are Eva Kant, Barbarella and Jussi. The easiest way to fly is to transfer at Rome Fiumincino, quite a few flights daily.

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Close Encounters Of The Disco Kind Pt 2


Close Encounters Continued

Part two of Jerry Bonham’s set at the legendary Trocadero Transfer club in San Francisco. Turn the lights down and the music up. An hour long state of intense, often excessive exhilaration.

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Get Ya Some Mix

get ya some

Get Ya Some

Soulboys like Lloyd from Australia on the floor so what do you play? I’m no expert in boogiestyle and never did a mix of that stuff but now, got to try tracks like Get Ya Some by Melvin Sparks from 1975.

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La Camarque


At La Camarque

The mythical La Camarque disco in the Cour Saleya flower market in Nice opened in 1977. For well over ten years the rhythms, colourful clientele and wild dancing on raised podiums created a fantasy that fulfilled every image and expectation of La Grand Vie on the Riviera. This is where I heard the astonishing Marcia Baila by Les Rita Mitsouko for the first time during the summer of 1985.

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Disco Dance Mix


Disco Dance Mix

Everyone knows the way to go is organic but in disco music we have to have synthesizers as well. The beginning of this mix is mostly orchestral with The Hill Where God Lives by Percy Faith, The Gonference Of The Birds by The Mystic Moods and a couple of others, then analog machines gradually take over with titles like Kama Sutra by Carlos Futura and Fremder Mann by Kreis featuring Eva. Lots of violins remain, of course. Near the end there’s also the interesting Arabian Dance by Francis Lai, from the 1978 film Niente Vergini In Collegio.

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Hand Stands In The Cornfield Mix

Rutes – Hand Stands In The Cornfield

Yet another very cool (and exclusive) DJ set by Rutes! Enjoy!

His previous mixes can be found here.

The tracklisting follows: (more…)

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Cleveland Star

Johnny William Son Orchestra – Cleveland Star

An obscure J.C Pierric production. Check the full length track here at Planeta Modular:

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