Oto Gelb 3


Eugene Tambourine – Oto Gelb 3 / Unafraid

The cream cut off the Oto Gelb 3 12″ is a long, spectacular slightly re-titled edit of a British steel drum laced club fave from 1982 – think the Notting Hill carnival, Boy George and Marilyn flaming on a float, dancers wearing t-shirts screaming Fuck off Margaret you dumb twit.

The enigmatically named Oto Gelb projects 1&2 were under catalog number Balihu BAL 016 & 016X, presented By Danny The Dancer, an alias for a dj now residing in Berlin. This new one is helmed by Danny and Brooklyn dj Eugene Tambourine. Eugene has collaborated with Overfitting a couple of times in fact, check out his gorgeously smooth soulful style here: http://overfitti.ng-dis.co/?s=eugene+tambourine&x=6&y=10

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“Russians Got Groove” Report Mix

How_Beezar presents first report on the subject “Got the Russians a groove?” for your enjoyment.

Let’s consider all the materials. (more…)

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Rockin’ The Horse


This is one of those wonderful seventies disco tracks that wriggles from soul to rock to funk in the space of few seconds and it’s all the better because of it.

The band is called Rockin’ Horse and the track is Love Do Me Right and it’s taken from their 1975 RCA album, imaginatively titled ‘Rockin’ Horse‘. According to Discogs it was their only release and a quick scour of the interweb has brought nothing else up by them apart from the fact  the mighty Rare Earth did a cover of this track on their 1978 Grand Slam album.

What got me into it in the first place was the 2005 re-edit of the track by one of my all time favourite artists/djs/remix teams, Thomas Bullock & Eric Duncan AKA Rub N Tug which first surfaced on a 2005 Eskimo Recordings 12 inch picture disc release called Rub N Tug Presents Campfire with the rather wonder Daniel Wang track Sylver Belt on the flipside.

This is one of my favourite edits of any genre and is a textbook example of the re-edit as an act of audio alchemy; the way they lock on to bass, synth and drum sections of the original track and just stretch, twist and fold them into what can feel like an infinity on the dancefloor.

Rockin Horse – Love Do Me Right [1975]

Rockin’ Horse – Love Do Me Right [Rub N Tug Edit 2005]

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