Sofia’s Se A Cabo

Sofia Orchestra – Se A Cabo

A hot Bulgarian version of the Santana dancefloor jazz classic, also done extremely well by James Last.

Jazz moves combine African and Celtic dance influences. The basic steps have a showbizzy stylized feel to them.

A JAZZ SQUARE can be done alone or in a group.

1.Step forward on the right or left foot
2.Cross the other foot over the first foot
3.Step back with the first foot
4.Bring the feet side by side.

You need to be able to move the chest and hips if you’re thinking of making an impression. Here’s a good warm-up.

1.Loosen your knees
2.Extend your arms out to the sides
3.Holding your chest and your legs as still as possible, swing your hips from side to side

Another thing to master is the CHASSÉ step.

1.Step one foot forward or to the side
2.Bring up the second foot behind the first foot
3.As you bring up the second foot to join the first one, immediately step off the foot to create a skipping movement across the floor.

As for the rest just improvise with wide arm movements, much snapping of fingers and lotsa attitude.

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