Janna Aguzarova “Eagle” (How_Beezar Garage Re-Edit, 2011)



Livinglegend Janna Aguzarova is most talented russian pop-singer. She recorded only 2 original albums:

– “Bravo” (1987), as a lead singer of retro-oriented rock’n’roll /pop band Bravo and

– “Russian Album” (1990) — her single solo album with brutal synth-pop sound, where this song “Eagle” is taken from.

Janna Aguzarova has no official website, writes one new song per year, keeps performing and still remains the greatest russian pop-singer.

This re-edit is based on final part of the song with unexpected fat and groovy bass line, referring to great Larry Levan’s mix of Gwen Guthrie’s “Seventh Heaven”.


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