First official remix available


It’s a kind of strange story about our first official remix. We already thought that it wouldn’t never be released anymore – but like a little miracle it’s finally done yet after more than a 14 months waiting.

You can take a look at discogs or get it at beatport (unfortunately the author gave the wrong name to our remix there – it’s the fourth track in the list).

Greg Punkov – Tzaka tzaka celophane (The Robot Scientists Remix)

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  • Comment | 13/11/2010

    The original track is top notch, it contains everything I like in retrofuturist-dance tracks. And apparently it leaves much room for doing big and bold remixes. By all means, please tell me what’s wrong with the upload, or give me the sample, and I’ll take care of everything, I want to listen to your remix!

  • Comment | 14/11/2010

    Hey, did you do something with the upload? Now it’s “on air”. The file above IS our remix. Maybe it takes a while until the file is posted after being uploaded?

    So now you can enjoy the work… 🙂

  • Comment | 15/11/2010

    you just forgot to press the “insert into post” button located at the bottom of the form 😉

    I like the remix but obviously I’ve noticed the recycling (but I believe it’s the other way round) of the “Landing on Mars” track 😉

    Anyway, good remix.

  • Comment | 15/11/2010

    You’re right. Landing on Mars is the basic of the remix. Because we didn’t expect that the remix would ever be released after such a long time we used this basic for the comp you already know.

    But our own Space Love EP is announced to be released on 29th of November.

  • Comment | 16/11/2010

    big up robots, i like it a lot!

  • Comment | 16/11/2010
    the saucer people

    a cool and sophisticated lesson in the synthetic science of robotism…really like the ‘depth’ of the track and a strange serene sense of purity…reminds me of early 808 State synth wise.

    I see the original creator of the track Greg Punkov is based in Bosnia-Erzegovina.

    It is interesting that many of the new house/techno artists coming out of Eastern Europe & Russia (Ichisan & Nakova are good examples as well) seem to have an almost orchestral sense of sonic spatiality.

    Looking forward to some serious Space Love at the end of November…hope we get a sneak preview!

  • Comment | 16/11/2010

    Thanks for all your kind words. It’s a honour to us.

    @saucer people: yeah Ichisan is a great example for good jobs in music. He also represents our style. BTW: a sample of one of our Space Love tracks you also can find here in the blog under the name “Star Dust”. Look also the related blog entries above.

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