Top tracks for April and June 2010


we all need love


bimonthly selection this time……..more tracks, for the very best of the last two months

Zig Zag – Disco Fever

Beautiful, essential, rare anthem

King Kong – Shadow Of The Night (Instrumental)

Lovely 1984 italodisco on the legendary Sensation label….

Adolf Stern – More..I like it

“More…More…..Gimme more, i like it……..Treat me right coz’ i like it”, Adolf will unscrew your head with his distorted voice and will use it as a bowling ball……

I Vicini di Casa – Flirt

I Vicini di casa gossiping on their flirts…..this is gonna be huge

Landro Express – Disco Sentimento

Italian obscurity for the hardest digger……

Babette – Discotheque

One of the most interesting digs of the Overfitting Disco blog recently…..Babette is back on the hype!

Ayx – Ayx Teca

“Lui è maschio!”

P.G & P – Mandingo

German production, this will always be in demand……

Annie Philippe – Don’t Leave Me Lonely

“Don’t leave me lonely…..stand by me baby….”

David Byron African Breeze

Killer Moroderesque production…..

Jennifer – Do it for me

French production for a meteor that passed on Italy with huge success…

G. Bri – Non Rompere

Essential Vanna Brosio, a high voltage concentrate of Italy’s best of the time ……

Supermax – Spooky

“This is your subconscious, talking to you”, you gettin’ it?

The Robot Scientists – Star Dust (Demo)

Our beloved Robots have learnt italo and space lessons so well with their new production, a universal message to all the spacers out there searching for new galaxies……….

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