Adolf Stern – More…I like it


I’ve always had an obsession with this this song!
For those who want to clearly understand which kind of productions the Ciao label in Italy was churning at the time, well, this is a perfect example from 1978.
To my knowledge Adolf Stern’s “More …. i like it” has always been extremely in demand, and if you listen to the infectious basslines and the distorted voice, you’ll clearly understand why this sleazy dark disco production packs every dancefloor…….This has been published as a 7 inch only, but there are promos 12″ out there sporting this song with two other tracks. Part of the Ciao catalogue is still relatively obscure and every new discovery has always a mystic touch……enjoy! The 12″ sound quality is terrible, get the superloud 7″ with the thrilling cover art. UPDATE: The name behind the moniker was revealed thanks to a direct question on youtube: Adolf Stern is a moniker for Niko Papathanassiou, brother of Vangelis, who was involved in some progressive rock productions as well as some dance related project and collaborating with Chrisma for their “Amore” single.  The flipside is a beast, too!


Adolf Stern – More….i like it


Adolf Stern – Twenty Seven


  • Comment | 17/04/2010

    I did not “enjoy” those sounds, I held my breath, closed my eyes and experienced a series religious raptures. Who says men can’t have multiple orgasms?

  • Comment | 17/04/2010

    Ah Jussi, I can *totally* understand, and whenever I hear this song my brain freaks out and the beast pops up…….I discovered this back in 1997 in a flea market, where I got my ultra scratched G+ copy of the 7″ with the baboon face-cover, honestly I understand why the previous owner played this ’til death…..and couldn’t find a better copy anywhere ever since…….!

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