I Vicini di Casa – Flirt


No April fools here at Overfitting Disco……but a juicy juicy italian treasure…..

Augusto Righetti and Gilberto Ziglioli, with mysterious Marzia T. at vocals,  at their best here in this outfit disbanded in 1980. This is pure 1978 on Dig-It.
Again, just a handful of singles made. German collectors should be aware their 1976 7″ “15 anni/Lo spazzolino” has been published on Ariola in Germany with a different picture sleeve (17 686 AT).  Don’t miss “Mama Y Mama E”,  the equally interesting flipside of this release in its Italian version, and the French-sung one that appeared on a France-only issued 7″ release on the Arabella label.
“Flirt” sports really hilarious lyrics about two lovers who basically tell each other they only had a no strings attached one night stand: the flirt of the title in a 1978 superb euphemism.
Check out the bass intro and the sudden machine-gun lyrics explosion that gives a great drive to the track. Interestingly enough, even the flipside ain’t that bad.

I Vicini di Casa – Flirt

I Vicini di Casa – Mama y Mama e


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  • Comment | 01/04/2010

    I can taste the Cinzano on the lips of that girl who laughs in the end – how many has she had?

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