The Queen Of Love



Barbarella – The Queen Of Love

B-side of “Move In Do It”, Italy, Fremus Records, year not listed.

Barbarella (real name Virna Bonino) was an Italian porn star born in Torino. In Rome, she got recruited by producer Riccardo Schicchi into his notorious Diva Futura stable, the home of local legends Moana Pozzi and Ilona “Cicciolina” Staller. During the mid 80’s signorina Barbarella’s work was mainly dumped direct to video. Perhaps due to extensive facelifts, the starlet can occasionally still be seen guest appearing in the variety shows of Italian television.

Selective  filmography:

Sodoma Piacere Proibiti

Le Perversioni Degli Angeli

Caldi Istinti Di Una Ninfomane Di Lusso

Lolita 2000

Raconto Immorale

Intimo Profondo

Senza Scrupoli 2

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  • Comment | 20/11/2009

    For the sake of being exhaustive the selected filmography is a nice addition indeed 😀

  • Comment | 11/03/2010

    hahahahaha……considering the titles it’s definitely gonna be true cinematic masterpieces……..and BTW i have a feeling i know where you got this vinyl…..;-)

  • Comment | 11/03/2010

    But hey, it was Foucault who stated that pornography is the most authentic form of cinema verité. Who are we to argue! Most of my vinyls like this originate from the 2nd floor of the now defunct Metropoli Rock store off Stazione Termini of Rome, the best ever record store anywhere, but this particular piece is from the Cosmic Dudes.

  • Comment | 12/03/2010

    yes jussi, i didn’t mean to joke on it…..back at the university I did an essay for the contemporary cinema exam on “Deep Throat”, “Behind the green door” and “Devil in Miss Jones”, so you can argue my opinion on the subject…..

    Infact i imagined that specific record came from the Dudes, I am an affectionate customer too!

  • Comment | 12/03/2010

    And I did not take it too seriously :-). I too had a stab/poke? at the genre at the university here when I lectured at the dept of contemporary culture not on the cult faves like Throat or the arty ones like Cafe Flesh or Thundercrack, but instead on Italian porno of the so-called Golden Period (?) of the genre there. In addition to the first late 70’s/early 80’s Aristide Massaccesi/Joe D’Amato, Renato Polselli/Andrea Bianchi prototypes and the later Moana Pozzis&Cicciolina&Marina Frajeses etc I covered the still existing Film Per Adulti cinemas in Milano, Roma and Torino – there’s one real weird one in Torino on Via Nizza near the prestigious Meridien Art Lingotto Hotel. During the summer they keep the windows opening to the back yard wide open, so you can hear the cheerful singing and shouting from the playground there. I also had a mondo-style reportage published on the subject in Las, a chic magazine here. I described my experiences at the now closed porn houses on Pzza Repubblica in Roma, where I saw dirty old men giving blowjobs to spasmodic retards rolling in their wheelchairs. -Okay, enough, back to MUSIC!:-)

  • Comment | 13/03/2010

    that’s fantastic jussi! can you imagine that last night at 4 I was watching “Il ginecologo della mutua” by Aristide Massacesi/Joe d’Amato with the always mourned and immense Renzo Montagnani?

  • Comment | 14/03/2010

    I saw that here at the national cinematheque, they had a series of Aristide Massaccesi films. I gave a lecture focusing on the Black Emanuelle/Laura Gemser ones, plus the representation of women in the Italian genre films in general, from the Decameroni to the gialli, the WIPs, the Nazi camp stuff etc, and the emerging porno movies. That was my main contribution to society.

  • Comment | 15/03/2010

    it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it 🙂

  • Comment | 15/03/2010

    It’s been my calling from a very early age, since as a child I climbed to a tree in Riccione to catch a glimpse of Anita Ekberg arriving to a gala dinner. She is Swedish of course but the scene was very Italian. Some of the women who starred in the genre films were Finnish, like

    Sirpa Lane (aka Sirpa Salo) who bared all in the name of Art in La Svastica Nel Ventre, Il Papaya Dei Caribi and La Bestia Nello Spazio and who gave a handjob to the monster in Borowczyk’s la Bete.

    Yanti Somer was another one, real name Kirsti Somersalo. She was in continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità, Contratto carnale, Cattivi pensieri, Genova a mano armata and the eternally entertaining Battaglie negli spazi stellari.

    Sirpa became a junkie and died of Aids but Yanti is apparently still around, present location unknown.

    – Too bad neither of those Stars made a disco record! Sirpa would have been good at it I know, lok at the way she emotes all thru La Svastica. She was the Patrizia Webley/Patrizia DiRossi of Finland.

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