Top 6 For September 2009


  1. The Band That Fell To Earth – Starflight
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  2. Vince Tempera – Get Up, Get On, Get Out, Get Off With Me
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  3. David Gamson – Honey Honey
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  4. Peter Moesser’s Music – And So On
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  5. Fun Fun – Give Me Your Love
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  6. Klapto – Queen Of The Night
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BONUS 7 Samurai – Brothers
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  • Comment | 07/10/2009

    well, d1999 or jussi, it’s your turn to enlist the next top of the month…

  • Comment | 12/10/2009

    no Arabesque?!? 0_0 no proposition for the next top?! I’m quiting! :p … mmm no I was just kidin’ Right 😉 ’cause nobody can quit the Overfitting Disco. That’s the 1st rule of the club, and the force of disco fever. Respect! (…but you’re still the worse not picking “the heat of a disco night”) :p

  • Comment | 12/10/2009

    hahaha, well, technically the Arabesque ticket has been posted in october… and now that the idea is out there, I volunteer you to do the next selection (and because Mr. Fake Blood wasn’t very kind with you);)

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