Ahalen Wasahlen Mon Amour

Abu Hafla – Ahalen Wasahlen, Mon Amour

“The night after my return from Baghdad, I, Ssidi Mansor, the seventh son of Calif Ssidi K’ur, began to feel very agitated and so I removed all my clothes until I was completely naked. I then unwound my turban made of the silks of Ab’Naah region, and twisted it to make a rope. Then I instructed my slave to take me to river bank outside Balsora where I knew of the nest of the giant Kruut, a bird larger in size than an elephant, and very dangerous. I climbed up to the nest and tied the end of the robe round the sleeping bird’s leg so that it would carry me away with it to the Island of Mesedjel H’Ab where the bird was rumoured to have a mate, and where seven maidens of astonishing lewdness were rumoured to live inside a magnificent palace. At the first light of dawn, the bird woke, spread its immense wings and took flight. So high did it rise into the sky that the earth almost vanished from sight, and I was certain to die of fright, but it landed on an island where I saw a palace built with rock crystal, copper, fine steel, brass, touchstone, silver, and shining gold. I had heard whispers that the maidens had furnished the palace most sumptuously, in a manner to excite the mind, with the finest linens from several parts of the world, some painted in the brightest colours, with apes, landscapes, trees, and flowers; silks and brocades from Persia, China, and other places; porcelain from Japan and China, foot carpets of all sizes: I untied myself while the bird emptied it’s bowels, and I entered the palace and found all the tales to be true, surprising me so much that I knew not how to believe my own eyes; I was dazzled by the lustre of the pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones exposed. But if I was amazed at seeing so many riches in one place, I was also much surprised seeing seven maidens reclining on divans, naked but wearing necklaces, bracelets, and ornaments about their legs and feet, made of pearls and other precious stones.

I shouted my praises and ran forward, kissing the first maiden, my kisses constantly growing more ardent; I felt my stiff قضيب pressing against her person. She suggested that I should ride astride awhile and rest myself before a change of position. I obeyed her suggestion, turning with my face towards hers, putting my arms around her neck, while her thighs were wide open for me to introduce my قضيب. She prevented me from entering further and I found the sensation not entirely different from that which I had experienced when my fingers had explored the same entrance. Now the قضيب seemed adapted to the place and there was a sensation of pleasure. I loosened my hold on the maiden’s neck and my weight drove my قضيب completely home. This was the famous El Amesaud, the Swing of Two Genies. It felt so unexpectedly good that I gave a murmur of delight. The pleasure was too exquisite to be long endured. It culminated in a melting thrill, and her moisture mingled with the juice that gushed from my crest.

I reeled in the bed but recovered myself. The second maiden approached, and she played with my قضيب and it got so stiffened that she inserted it, on her back with her heels coming close to her buttocks, with her knees under my armpits. This manner is called El Modefeda, the Frog Fashion. Immediately, I climaxed shouting out for it to be everlasting.

The third maiden approached, and she was immensely large and she began to play her loins up and down my قضيب, which was erect to its full size, entirely rigid, and it bent with her vigorous motion. Her position was El Mokefa (with toes curled), favourable to the play of her loins and she moved them with greater and greater rapidity and I was ripe to melting.

The fourth maiden could not wait; her buttocks settled heavily upon me, her sheath loosened and her moisture flushed my قضيب, now hard as the famous rocks outside S’Mohehundi. She sank back with a deep sigh into my arms, which drew my قضيب completely out of her المهبل and exposed it like a tower rising tempestbeaten from the waves. This was Er Zeradja, The Piercing With The Lance, a most pleasurable fashion, and I cried with passion and thankfulness but could not bring my efforts to satisfying finish.

The fifth maiden offered me a delicious nectar made of dates from the Cheik-Ab-Nefzaoui region famous for a gentle breeze blowing from the sea, and pomegrenates, ground walnuts, onions from Fesenjoon, turmeric-seasoned kidneys of lambs, dried lemons, coriander, camel milk, four breads stuffed with fish and grilled over a fire and sprinkled with sumac, koobideh, saffron and kabab barg, and honey, and I was soon fortified and ready for another onset. The fifth maiden had three legs and two المهبلs with tinge deep like a red rose. The hair around her المهبلs was of a dark chestnut colour, but if the light fell full upon it, it was of a golden auburn; it puzzled me immensely. I suspended her from the ceiling by means of five cords attached to her hands and feet; arranged so that I could stand upright before her and guide my virile قضيب into her المهبلs without much difficulty. This was Tred El Chated, The Coitus of The Wild Ostrichs, supremely exciting to man and the enjoyment immediately rose to it’s peak.

The sixth and seventh maidens weren’t interested so I left.”

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