Elleorde: Black Talon


Elleorde – Black Talon

Finally it’s here, a new record by the cosmic force behind Den Haan’s epic Gods From Outer Space album, and it’s a cause for celebration. The familiar dynamics are intact and the tone is as hedonistic as ever but the music does not loop back on itself. Strides are taken toward a new destination, somewhere resembling the Almerian region in Spain where the legendary spaghetti westerns were shot.

Three of the four tracks on my demo pressing ascend to frenzied, laser synth peaks with rolling thunder basslines, haunting melodies, moody whistling sounds and all around weirdness and toughness. Then there’s one mellow tune that pours dark, delicious tasting liquids over your naked body as you squirm with pleasure. Everything you hear presents a full manifestation of carefully constructed ideas and is executed with technical four-on-the-floor finesse.

Here’s a taster of the stuff. You’ll want it all, obviously. It’ll be available soon.

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