Marina di Carrara
1976 is the year i was born. During that summer Italy was already invaded by a countless number of disco tunes. Some went mainstream, others are now forgotten, and are being slowly rediscovered. It was also a period when the boom of local or clandestine radio stations was at its glorious beginning. We have to thanks these small, often improvised activities, if some local or less famous disco records arrived to our days, resurfacing as cult items. In fact it was more usual that this kind of tunes were played where there was not a sort of market to follow, but only the taste of a DJ, or radio host. This was probably the case of a record i discovered one month ago. I was in my hometown, Carrara, and there was a small flea-market. Not a lot of interesting things in it, but i noticed a small desk crammed with posters and old records. Many were 7″, and some quite obscure. Not a lot of disco, but i found 9 records which satisfied my research. Asking to the seller where he had found all these rare stuff, he said me he acquired the entire stock of an old local radio station. Among the records i found there was one which by now is not yet on Discogs website. It is a 7″, with track Amor Amor Amor by Andy Morgan on A-side, a very cheesy cover of Rod McKuen classic, and one called Pagurus, by Hermit Bernard Band, on B-side. Label is Rifi, and year of release is 1976. Ah, cult composer Enrico Intra is behind this last track. This is the one i will let you listen now. So, just go back to Carrara in 1976, and discover what a local radio host could’ve made my fellow citizens listening in the summer of 1976 (in the picture, a late 60s postcard of Carrara beachfront, with a dancing on the left).


Hermit Bernard Band – Pagurus

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