bombers – pistolero

USA/Canada 1979 – a criminally neglected killer from the Bombers 2 lp

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  • Comment | 24/05/2009

    I couldn’t agree more Jussi, and it takes the Chant from “Let’s All Chant” into outer-space and back again. Was big for me at The Saloon in Minneapolis BITD.

  • Comment | 22/08/2010

    Pistolero is one of my favourite tracks off Bombers 2, I can never get enough of that Morricone infused disco and the Canadian Bombers group were just such masters of that sound as this and their Babe Ruth cover testifies.

    Infact both the Bombers albums are total classics in my opinion and the level of musicianship is extraordinary and infact I cannot think of a single mediocre track off either album and there are not many records you can say that of.

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