Nino Ferrer – Emilienne

Emilienne was based on an already existing novel but no doubt rushed into production in 1974 to cash in on the enormous success of Just Jaeckin’s Emmanuelle. The less lavishly budgeted Guy Casarel film focuses on a concerned-looking forty-something housewife with bourgeous values, her moustachioed sleazebag of a husband and a bisexual hippy chick ready to rock their boat.

The first half of the film proceeds somewhat sluggishly until the director throws in his pièce de resistance, obviously calculated to top the big shocker sequence in Emmanuelle in which a hooker smokes a cigarette with her vagina. Here, Emilienne the housewife, having been introduced to the delights of Sapphic amour, visists a luxurious bordello for lesbians. In a large room a line of completely naked girls are inspected and fingered by chic old dykes in formal outfits in a harshly lit Helmut Newton-style tableau, while Emilienne looks on. Then, one of the prostitutes is ordered to lay down, and a huge Alsatian dog is called by it’s name. What follows is indeed a bit of a jawdropper.

Later on, Emilienne and the husband are stranded on a rainy coast, seeking refuge in the house of an old hag who naturally turns out to be another dyke. Only she has a harem made of blond, decidedly non-model-like women who stare ahead like The Children of The Damned grown up to be rampant lesbians.

In the picture, the Finnish poster for the film.

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  • Comment | 19/01/2015

    damn this is great, is there a vinyl release of it / the ost?

  • Comment | 20/01/2015

    apparently not…:-(

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