Wer tanzt Boogie?


DDR 1980. A young ambitious band releases their first songs along with two other young ambitious bands within the Kleeblatt series on Amiga, where else. The same group should become within a few years one of the most beloved East German Super Combos. Here, the former accompanying text:

In its current form “Familie Silly” has existed since the spring of 1978. Versatile use of keyboards and vocal harmonies characterize the band’s sound, which is based on Funky and Rock. The musicians played before any of these “Phoenix”, the “College Formation”, the Gerd Michaelis Chor as well as in the Horst Krüger Band. “Familie Silly” so far produced 10 tracks for radio. Guest appearances in various European countries, including three times in Romania.

Familie Silly – Tanzt Keiner Boogie

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  • Comment | 01/10/2014

    Strong stuff. Would go well with Belle Epoque’s Miss Broadway, no doubt.

  • Comment | 01/10/2014

    Ganz geil…its funny how this would so not work in Danish or Swedish for me, but rocks in German.

  • Comment | 01/10/2014

    good one! and totally off the radar… until now

  • Comment | 02/10/2014

    Indeed it would Jussi, very obvious similarities but I never seen it. Funnily enough I thought it’s kind of a forgotten early piece of this well known gang. But their same titled LP from 1981 has been remastered and repressed in 2010, so it’s widely available. I’ll post another track from this EP later on by a band named G.E.S. (despite having released 2 LPs, these guys gained much laurels at all). How about Hungarian Thomas? Totally makes sense to me.

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