Kunda’s Top for January 2008


Another month, new contributors, a lil’ bit of fresh air, and even more classics and obscure gems:

1.Michele Freeman – Where’d You Get What You Got
1979 (See original post)

2. The Seebach Band – Bubble Sex
1977 (See original post)

3. VC-People – Dance Macabre
1980 (See original post)

4. Biss – Robot With A Rose
1982 (See original post)

5. RAH Band – Beyond
1978 (See original post)

And even very close to the top: J.-J. Debout & J.-D. Mercier – Ami-Amie / Lazer – Windsurfing /Mucho Plus – Nassau’s Disco /The Originals – Sunrise /The Z.A.C.K. – 565, Where Are You?

And as always my favourites in a new school style:
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – La Serenissima
/ The Millioners / Polygamy Boys / Rude 66 (again) / Jaunt (for the french touch lovers) / and forget about Laurent Garnier‘s tune since nobody seems to love it (but me… as often).

So thank you guys, readers, for your participation (or not, whatever) by leaving messages, helping to ID those samples.

Special thanks to the new contributors for bringing their own touch to the blog and make it live (especially when I’m down).

Let’s see what February will bring us… coffy or tea ?

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