No One Had A Clue

No one had a clue

Rude 66 – No One Had A Clue (2008)

This is murderous!  The new album “Sadistic Tendencies” from the dutch Ruud (related posts) has been released.

The recipe is poisoned with a tense atmosphere, some wicked breaks and acid beats.

Rude 66 – Walked In Line

Rude 66 – Horrified

The sounds were made using the following equipment:
TR-808, TR-909, CR-8000, PB-300, SR-88, Drumtraks, Rhythm King, XD-5, Mono/Poly, SH-09, SH-101, CS-10, Sixtrak, Bit01, K5000R, K1m, Pulse, ESI-32, Teebee Mk 1, Teebee Mk3, MPC 1000, TX7, TX81Z, Vortex, 1201, UE400, GEP50, Echocord, Micro Modular Vocoder, Layla 20, D&R Series 1500, 5x D&R Compressor Limiter, 5x D&R Noisegate, Aurex Multigate, Recorded on RMG and BASF 911 and Ampex 456 with Revox B77 MK2 at 15 ips.

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