Bubble Sex

Champagne Blonde (Solitaire Miles)

 Bubbles and sex, champagne and my best wishes
(may people find love and harmony in this crazy world)

Now what about a discosmic classic for dessert ?…

The Seebach Band – Bubble Sex (1977)
(Listen to the full track)

The amazing danish Tommy Seebach produced this “Bobble Sex” hit released first in 12 inches then on the Disco Tango LP in 1979. Pure euro disco with a cosmic feeling.

On the B-side… The Seebach Band Apache (1977)
It’s a cover of the classic rock hit by The Shadows in 1960. (See an original recording video)

Note: this hit single is also known as a funky breakdance anthem thanks to Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band‘s version in 1973. (Listen to the full track)

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  • Comment | 02/01/2009

    …and the video has a tremendous lol factor 😀 excellent

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