Soul Dracula

Hot Blood – Soul Dracula (1975)
This is a short psyche video clip on french TV.
(see the real video clip here)

Hot Blood‘s classic was released in 1975 and later on the “Disco Dracula” or “Dracula And Co” LPs.

Here’s a longer remix from 1984 by Julius T & Hens Z:

Hot Blood – Soul Dracula (Subway Invader Part 6)

This big hit has even been covered by an Italian DJ/producer called Maurizio d’Ambrozio for another dancefloor hit with some kind of trancey waves.

Mephisto –  Mystery (Of Love) (1997)

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  • Comment | 22/06/2009

    Great posts you have to! (so many of them to dig through though .. taking me forever :-).

    As for the 2 ‘Soul Dracula’ video’s: they are both not ‘really’ original.. The one from Dutch tv ‘Toppop’ was performed by the Toppop dancers for sure (Penny De Jager, the leading lady in that vid was famous for these dance act’s when an artist wasn’t in the studio). As for the French tv video: not sure about that one ..


  • Comment | 22/06/2009

    Glad you like the selection, and I agree: the blog format is not really appropriate in the end. I have exactly the same problem browsing discoimperium.

    The French one appears to be a sequence from a show called Top Club (circa 77/78) and hosted by Guy Lux.

  • Comment | 23/06/2009

    The format you blog in is just fine !.

    It’s the amount of great posts that’s kepping my busy 🙂 (discovering a lot of great new music here !).

    As for the french video: i recorded it from satellite (tele melody) and the show was ‘Ring Parade’ (1975). It’s just that i’m not sure if it’s really ‘Hot Blood’ performing it or just some dancers again..


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