Gotta Go


One of my favourite tunes coming from the repertoire of Giancarlo Meo‘s girlfriend (see this post for other tracks), and musically fairly different from anything she has ever released.
I still believe the rolling bassline sounds really close to Imagination‘s BTW.

Vivien Vee – Gotta Go (1983)

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  • Comment | 21/11/2008

    Great song. Personally, I don’t find this so much different from some other tracks of hers. The excellent “Higher” comes to mind.

    And “Gotta go” is very, very similar to “Destiny”. I think those two were released on the same album.

  • Comment | 21/11/2008

    You’re right, Gotta Go, Destiny and Higher may sound a bit alike but they were all released on the same album indeed: With Vivien Vee.

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