Life Is Real Only Here


Life Is Real Only Here

Should you have a soft spot for pulse disco – and by your choice of reading & listening material we take our chances – the works of Wolfgang Bock and Andre Ceccarelli should prove to be interesting as both provide delicate yet authoritative soundscape designs. The opening track Cycles by Bock and the following Life Is Real Only Here by Ceccarelli are extremely sophisticated explorations of space, texture and structure, set to a gently throbbing and definitely danceable beat. I also added a couple of other relating cuts of equally peaceful/agitated palette and subject matter.

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  • Comment | 18/09/2013

    Dear Jussi, you have been misled. This is Wolfgang Bock – Cycles – 1980

  • Comment | 18/09/2013

    Life Is Real… is the name of the mix, not the opening track. What we got here is a mix, not a single tune. If you read the text is says “The opening track Cycles by Bock “…so, keep the music going 🙂

  • Comment | 26/09/2013

    Thanks you, Jussi!

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