Vengeance Factory


You can call him G for Gesaffelstein a french producer in black and white… and it suits him very well I think.

Gesaffelstein – Death Fagh
Gesaffelstein – No Wansee
Gesaffelstein – The Other
Gesaffelstein – The Other (Heko remix)

Extracts from his 1st release “Vengeance Factory” on the label OD Records.

A deep sound influenced by EBM and italo for sure.
Listen more on his page.

Bonus from OD Records:

Heko (Mixtape) – Utopia (09-03-08)

Gesaffelstein (Mixtape) – Poney Club 54 (06-02-08)

Amplified People – Live set @ IBE Radio (31-12-07)

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  • Comment | 02/11/2008

    EDIT: Bonus OD Rec. added (Gesaffelstein mix, Heko mix & Amplified People Live)

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