Jean Stephan Regottaz is the real name of this fan of Space Art who released his first album, Création,  in 1982. I’m no fan of his whole work (especially the later albums) but the tracks in preview have the undeniable quality of all radiating sincerity and a strong and positive DIY attitude.

J.S.R. – Création
J.S.R. – Interférence
J.S.R. – Mirage
J.S.R. – Beaubourg
J.S.R. – Tourbillon
J.S.R. – Astronomicum
J.S.R. – Aurore
J.S.R. – La machine à remonter le temps

Last time I checked (a long time ago though, I didn’t re-try to visit the website since then, the Flash intro loading is really awfully slow) he was offering all his albums here, for free.

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  • Comment | 14/10/2008

    Interesting discovery… My preferences for Beaubourg, Astonomicum and La Machine…

    I can easily hear the Space Art’s influence but not so good IMHO.

  • Comment | 28/05/2017
    Zhou Li

    It’s real amazing remix tapes from you!I also paid attention with your updates,Bon coutai!Big hugs and bisous !

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