Upliftingdisco Mix by KMTR

Let me introduce comrade Konstantin Timoshenko (aka KMTR, born in Kazakhstan, lives in Sofia/BG) – drummer, vinyl collector, theater composer, DJ, member of many electronic and dance projects and so on and so on… And, yes, he’s a great master of edits. My favorite one (except early Phoreski, of course).

KMTR’s complete profile. KMTR’s  re-edits.

KMRT made this mix specially for Overfitting Disco.

KMTR -Upliftingdisco Mix

1. Arenov – Neon City
2. Metro – Criminal World (KMTR Criminal Dub Edit)
3. Central Line – Nature Boy (Instrumental)
4. Giorgio – Oh L’amour (KMTR Hot Sauna Edit)
5. Neil Young – Mr. Soul (Dance Remix)
6. The Alliance – Action (More Than … 4 Minutes Of Dub)
7. Donna Garrafa – I Got You Covered (Instrumental)
8. Miki – Jól Nézünk Miki
9. Ивелина Белчева – Честни Сини Очи
10. Hana & Dana – All Right (KMTR Dub Edit)
11. John Paul Young – Bad Side Of The City

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  • Comment | 13/01/2013

    Quality, and attitude. Sincere respect Mr KMTR. (I must also admit I’m a dedicated listener of your edits for a long time now.)

  • Comment | 13/01/2013

    The Criminal World edit is a model of its kind

  • Comment | 13/01/2013

    thank you very much!

  • Comment | 13/01/2013

    The Arenov is gorgeous – no mention of it anywhere in the web which makes it even more delectable.

  • Comment | 13/01/2013

    http://soundcloud.com/arenov — meet Arstan Arenov!
    Yes, first two tracks — my favourites too.

  • Comment | 19/01/2013

    KMTR, hi!
    На днях вышлю дорожки, работаю на износ, нервы постоянно обножены 😉


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