U Love My Music


Switchblade Sisters – U Love My Music (1997)

This track by the Switchblade Sisters (tell me who?) appears on “Monsieur Dimitri’s De-Luxe House Of Funk” a mixed compilation by Dimitri From Paris.

It contains samples from this song “You Don’t Like My Music” by K.I.D. (Listen) produced by Geoff Bastow appearing on the first LP “Don’t Stop” released in 1981.

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  • Comment | 03/11/2009

    Great Track. I have this on 12″. We played this track hard back in the days. It´s an obscure white label with some blue on it and without any credits or writings beside a sticker on the cover. AA Side has two tracks on it. They are called “Certainly Things Turn Me On”(midtempo which reminds me on Isaac Hayes) & “Sisterly Love”(downtempo with some moogish feeling). But the A-Side is one of my alltime fav.


  • Comment | 03/11/2009

    Thanks for the feedback mocilo74 and your lanterns 😉 I’m just crazy about it! the sample is filtered with a killer groove.

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