You Make Me Feel

SylvesterYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

This song appears on Sylvester James‘ third LP “Step II” produced by Harvey Fuqua and released in 1978 on Fantasy.

That’s a fact: he was a real show man.  R.I.P. (biography)

It must be one of the best soulful disco songs ever!
The anthem! (more for me than the WXYA thing)

There are a few covers including Jimmy Sommerville’s (video)

I prefer the house version sung by Byron Stingily on the album “The Purist” in 1998 (video).


You mean I’ve been dancin’ on the floor darlin’
And I feel like I need some more and I
Feel your body close to mine and I
Move on love it’s about that time
Make me feel – mighty real (bis)

You make me feel mighty real (bis)

When we get home darlin’ and it’s
Nice and dark and the music’s in Vienna
Still your hot and you kiss me back and it
Feels real good and I know you love me
Like you should

Oh you make me feel mighty real
You make me feel mighty real

I feel real… (ad lib)

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