Meet Ivan Dorn

Yesterday he sampled “Apache” and revived Chicago sound.


Tomorrow he’s gonna tear up all the world’s hit-parades.

He is Ivan Dorn from Russia

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  • Comment | 01/05/2012

    Not with that open crew neck t-shirt look, seen the last of that I hope! Tracks don’t overfit disco in any way really.

  • Comment | 01/05/2012

    I agree. Let other blogs post about that, please.

  • Comment | 01/05/2012

    But I must admit, the second track sounds quite nice, it would be much better without this seen-once-seen-everywhere kind of singing though.

  • Comment | 02/05/2012

    He’s the most talented young singer/ song writer in musty russian pop. But the point is he is staying in the Tradition of dance music, but on the pop side of course.
    This is not crap music. This is high-level pop with roots. Is Overfitting Disco too tight for it?

  • Comment | 02/05/2012

    Imo it is most definitely. Overfitting should focus on stuff with a disco vibe, not general contempo dance pop no matter how high the level. Let’s continue be as anti-chart-pop as possible, otherwise the readers & listeners will turn their backs on us. They want to see JP Massiera here not Lady Gaga, old Madge or any other commercial pop act 🙂

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