“Living Sound”  is a soul/gospel band from USA, travelled throughout the former Communist Bloc and countries of 3rd world as well. They visited USSR in 1980 and recorded a cover of  the anthem of forthcoming Moscow’s Olympic Games.

Living Sound – Olympiada-80

Here’s original version of the song, performed by Estonian Tõnis Mägi (filmed in Tallinn, in 1980)

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  • Comment | 09/04/2012

    honestly, the youtube song is far better IMO: much rawer. Like it a lot.

  • Comment | 09/04/2012

    I so wish the Estonian record had an instrumental b-side!

  • Comment | 09/04/2012

    Yes, soviet version is more gorgeous and expressive (although not ideal on technical side: instrumental parts in crescendo are slightly in antiphase).
    About B-side: I guess it’s buried deep in estonian secret archives – soviet songs must exist only with approved lyrics.

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