You can call me Mister Ritmo

As we say in Russia: the lad has said – the lad has done. It was not so easy as I thought in the beginning…

So, at first it was like that. Now, when Randi doesn’t sing, but only ecstatically shouts, mock disco-rock schlager transmuted into experience of disco-climax (at least, as I hear it).

Randi “Ritmo” (How_Beezar Instrumental Edit)


Thank Italocarlito for support. Jussi, your lossless copy is awaiting for you, as you wished.

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  • Comment | 19/03/2012

    good work!

  • Comment | 20/03/2012

    Builds and intensifies and flows beautifully to the climatic shouts. Totally veršina!(hope I got that right)

  • Comment | 21/03/2012

    How_beezar, that’s fantastic! Finally Randi sings the best parts and he’s at his very best thanks to your treatment!

  • Comment | 21/03/2012

    Thank you, guys. I hope Randi would love it too.
    Honestly, inspiration left me at 03:42. The final part is just an application of practical skills, although I think this edit’s structure is optimal.
    Not sure about sound quality: it sounds properly in my monitors, but slightly overcompressed in Soundcloud player.

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