Fourth Birthday Report – The 12-hour-long recording is here!

If you’ve missed our blog’s birthday party – originally aired on Fri. Dec. 30, or just want to listen to the DJ sets once more, the recordings of the 12-hour Disco marathon night are now available for download.

As usual, we’d like to wholeheartedly thank the DJs who accepted the invitation, and, of course, all the radio listeners, who, we hope, enjoyed this night as much as we did.

Note: Please, favour the torrents over the direct links if you can.

In order of appearance:

00 [Jingle] Direct link
01 Mark Boon Direct link
02 Chris Kontos Direct link
03 Carlo Simula Direct link
04 Jussi Kantonen Direct link
05 spAceLex Direct link
06 Loud-E Direct link
07 okay_awright Direct link
08 Spaziale Direct link
09 Casionova Direct link
10 The Robot Scientists Direct link
11 Rob’n’Zoopsie Direct link
12 How_Beezar Direct link
13 Mystic Rock Direct link

Compared to the previous birthday reports, the DJ sets for download are (almost) pristine material, without any of the cosmetic changes or jingles or heavy re-mastering that were added during the original broadcast. No tracklisting this time around, sorry.

P.S. The previous birthday recordings are available here, there, and finally here.


  • Comment | 05/01/2012
    Mark Boon

    tracklisting Mark Boon – Bonedisco’s mix for overfitting disco

    1. Alan Shearer – Orient Express
    2. Explorer – Enjaw J
    3. Cosmic Rain (Albion edit)
    4. Paul Brookes – Steps From Beyond
    5. Jo Bisso – Disco Queen Play Me
    6. Canto (Bonedisco edit)
    7. Serge Vella – Airport
    8. Spatial & Co – Exotic Guide
    9. Norma Jordan – Feel Me
    10. Golden Reunion – Brain
    11. Ardathbey – Level 8
    12. Jungle DJ (Ron’s edit)
    13. Paul and Virginia – I’m A Man
    14. Giorgio Farina – Discocross
    15. Intergalactic Return (Bonedisco edit)
    16. Whizz!! – Do You Hear Me
    17. Louis Lesther – Deshabille Moi
    18. Sweet Radio (Bonedisco cut)

  • Comment | 06/01/2012

    tracklisting Jussi Kantonen – played from vinyl, no CAAs (computer aided anything)
    African Pop Session – African Voodoo
    Roger Manning – Metamorphosis
    Wings – Goodnight Tonight
    James Last – Bolero 75
    Ringo – Obsession
    Alain Barriere – I Want To Be Me
    Rainbow Team – Come To The Rainbow
    Peter Micioni – Driving On Broadway
    John Hawksworth – Flash Barrier
    Orchestra Lucky Simon – On The Road
    Lalo Schifrin – Escape From Tomorrow
    Antonio Carlos Jobim – Dax Rides
    Jane Birkin – Lolita Go Home
    Jean-Pierre Sabar – Vai-Vai
    Blue Spirit – Summer Is Love

  • Comment | 06/01/2012

    tracklisting How_Beezar – Overfitting Mix (specially for Overfitting Disco Blog)

    01. Mardi Gras BB – Tijuana-65
    02. Cabbageboy – Bean To This World (Album Version)
    03. The Jackson 5 – Hum Along and Dance
    04. TC 1992 – Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix)
    05. The Third Degree – Mercy (Greg Wilson’s Extended Mix)
    06. Japan – Life In Tokio (Theme)
    07. Bark Psychosis – Miss Abuse
    08. Pesniary – Oi Rana (Revoltmeter Rework)
    09. Black Hole – Flash-O-Disc (7″ Version)
    10. Harry Thumann – Underwater (H_B Re-touch)
    11. Depeche Mode – Leave In Silence (How_Beezar Quieter and Longer Mix)
    12. Q – The Voice Of Q (Vocal Mix)
    13. The Osmonds – III (Quiet Village No-Edit)
    14. Rhythm Makers – Prime Cut (Album Version)
    15. Strutt – Said You Didn’t Love Her (How_Beezar Instrumental & Vocal Mix)
    16. Chris Hinze Combination – Bamboo Magic
    17. Nino Nardini – Tropical
    18. Jo Kurzweg – Eine Welt Ohne Dich (KMTR Oxygen Re-Edit)

  • Comment | 08/01/2012

    Dear Administrator!
    Could you please ask all the DJs to give their tracklists.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Comment | 09/01/2012

    A bit late but here finally is the tracklist of our full length birthday-mix. The whole mix you can find here:


    Flying Saucer Edits – Space shuttle
    Martin Dubka – Through thorns to the stars
    Wolfram ft. Haddaway – A thing called love (Legowelt remix)
    Sequen-Sync – Passion
    Trap-Avoid – Elevator (33 Hz Disco Dub)
    Rado – Chupa chupa
    D-Pulse – More (Foto Remix)
    Paradis – Parfait tirage
    Riptide – Sophie
    Sare Havlicek – Pleasure storm (Nick Chacona Remix)
    Paul Weller – Starlight (Black Van Remix)
    Rayko – Die For You
    Corinne – Dream a little dream (Mugwump remix)
    Mr. Master – A dog in the night (instr)
    RIS – Love ‘n’ music
    Coco du Jour – Dancin in the darkness (Club Mix)
    Majesty’s Pleasure – Don’t stop the dub
    Rub’n’Tug – Scanners Live Edit
    Ali Renault – Flies a’ Kungan

  • Comment | 10/01/2012

    Super!! Thanks to all Dj’s for their great work .

  • Comment | 25/01/2012
    jed ambro

    Great job, definitely! I love How_Beezar mix in particular. May I ask what plug-in or gear did you use for mastering? All sound so great, just like through Orban compressor…

  • Comment | 25/01/2012

    the radio broadcast is mastered in real-time with a combination of standard LADSPA plugins (compander chain), the loose files here are only re-eq’ed and slightly mastered using the same tools, but with different settings (no limiting, just soft compression, with a touch of gating IIRC)

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