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Electric Love Drama


Robert Calvin ‎– Electric Love Drama (2013)

A little EP “Humans Not Allowed”, a little pearl and more, big tasty synthesizer sounds ! A limited edition for your space collec’. This one really deserve a good place near the decks.

Interstellar Tracks strikes again.

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Le Voyage

Angipatch – Le Voyage (1982)

All credits go out to Gogolito. The first album is cheap, the single is expensive.

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Contact Has Just Been Made


Checking out the musicians on the recent Madame post by Jussi, I noticed Joël Fajerman, a French musician, born in 1948 in Paris was involved. Joël started out in the sixties and seventies as a backing musician with various French bands before a fateful introduction to the god like power of the polyphonic synthesizer changed his life forever.

In 1978 he composed his first instrumental piece for Nippon Japan and in France, he opened Phonorgan, one of the first stores selling organs and synthesizers in Paris with Korg synth importer Dominique Alas. His career took off at the turn of the 80s, after he composed the end credits of the French game show ‘Treasure Hunt’. He is perhaps most famous for the soundtrack he did for the seventies French nature documentary series L’Aventure Des Plantes by the botanist Jean-Marie Pelt and journalist Jean-Pierre Cuny, especially the title track, the ambient classic Flowers Love released in 1982.


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