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T-shirts sporting seminal Disco record label and band logotypes are now for sale

– these are long dead and buried record labels so no copyright should be infringed anyway, but I may be wrong: protected artworks will be quickly removed on request.

For every bought shirt, 4€ are collected and will help covering the costs of the webradio.

At the moment, featured record labels are:

  • Memory Records
  • Ciao (The promo marquee)
  • Squish Records
  • Zanza
  • Derby
  • Crash Records
  • Hansa International
  • Banana Records
  • Melba Disques
  • Crocos Records
  • Dischi Recordi
  • Tempesti
  • Isadora
  • Savoir Faire Records
  • Real Music
  • Rifi Recordings
  • Baby Records
  • Alfa Record Kabushiki Gaisha
  • Ibis Records
  • Discomagic
  • Sensation Records
  • Sauce Internacional
  • Compagnia Generale Del Disco

+ bands/artists/record cover sleeves

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