Voices From Nowhere

Almost exclusively known for his soundtracks for Lucio Fulci’s movies, Fabio Frizzi perfects his art in 1980 for the movie The Beyond. Impressive piece of work, multi-layered (not that rare for a euro-horror movie soundtrack but worth noting) and with a simple but haunting theme.

I always used to think that Frizzi’s scores were out of touch with the pictures from Fulci, but in fact it is for the best: this is an original score and the proof that Frizzi is a great composer.

This is the movie main theme (watch out for the incredible flute),

Fabio Frizzi – Voci Dal Nulla

On a side note, High Contrast – Everything’s Different samples it with great effect

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Dusseldorf May 2007 – from left to right: Michael Mertens (from the Propaganda fame), Beppe Loda and Francesco Boscolo (MC1 aka Memory Control One)

What a terrific single! The best slow motion disco I was able to listen in ages. Great solo synthesizer along with a perfect uplifiting mood. The drum science of Beppe Loda paired with the ethereal keyboards of Francesco Boscolo. Too bad, it doesn’t appear they’ve teamed up again after this release. Ladies and gents: Memory Control One.

MC1 – Basic (B. Loda Remix 2) (1984)

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The Most Shining Boots

Oh yeah, these one are top-notch bootlegs! They rock the casbah, anywhere, anytime.

  1. Girls On Top – I Wanna Dance With Numbers(Vocal: Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody + Instr: Kraftwerk – Numbers)
  2. 2 Many DJ’s – Dreadlock Woman(Vocal: Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman Part 1 + Instr: 10CC – Dreadlock Holiday)
  3. Go Home Productions – Rock In Black(Vocal: Queen – We Will Rock You + Instr: AC/DC – Back In Black)
  4. Pheugoo – The Sun Never Knows(Vocal: The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows + Instr: The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun)
  5. Junior Jack – My Feeling(Vocal: Cherrelle with Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love + Instr: Sister Sledge – One More Time + Instr: Jaydee – Plastic Dreams)

Close to the top (unsorted):

Some other good ones (unsorted):

DJ Moule – Close To My Roots
DJ Lobsterdust – Biscuit Kings
Go Home Productions – Processed Waterfall
Ben Double M – Back In Too Deep
The Lovemakers – Shake That 50 Cent
Bobby Martini – Don’t Call Me Lady
Dunproofin’ – Coming Out (Edit)
Pheugoo – Humps Up
DJ Zebra – Joey Starr Wars
Ben Double M – Feels Like A Rolling Stone
Zamali – Flamenco Freddy Ain’t Too Proud
Dunproofin’ – (Ain’t No Justice)
DJ Earlybird – Girls Just Wanna Dance
Zamali – This Is How We Give You Love
Go Home Productions – Can’t Hold Us Down vs Theme From The Monkees
Go Home Productions – Time vs Outside
DJ Lobsterdust – My Irreplaceable
Uganda – All That She Eats Is Another Big Baby
DJ Earlybird – The Invisible Hustle
DJ Earlybird – Love Shout
DJ Barbelivien – Get Thai Nana
DJ Jay-R – Sweet Sovereign
DJ Mei-Lwun – Smack It Right
Ben Double M – Because Of Love
DJ Zebra – New York Avec Cure
Go Home Productions – The Next Episode vs Weather With You
DJ Fistfunk – Return of The Phantom

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Hand-picked Funk: 1980-1985 (and a bit of Disco and Garage too) – Part 1

Here’s a quick selection of a few 80s funky tracks you MUST play when you invite me 😀 A common feature is the use of a massive groovy bassline… and sometimes quite a catchy vocal loop.

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