The Most Shining Boots

Oh yeah, these one are top-notch bootlegs! They rock the casbah, anywhere, anytime.

  1. Girls On Top – I Wanna Dance With Numbers(Vocal: Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody + Instr: Kraftwerk – Numbers)
  2. 2 Many DJ’s – Dreadlock Woman(Vocal: Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman Part 1 + Instr: 10CC – Dreadlock Holiday)
  3. Go Home Productions – Rock In Black(Vocal: Queen – We Will Rock You + Instr: AC/DC – Back In Black)
  4. Pheugoo – The Sun Never Knows(Vocal: The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows + Instr: The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun)
  5. Junior Jack – My Feeling(Vocal: Cherrelle with Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love + Instr: Sister Sledge – One More Time + Instr: Jaydee – Plastic Dreams)

Close to the top (unsorted):

Some other good ones (unsorted):

DJ Moule – Close To My Roots
DJ Lobsterdust – Biscuit Kings
Go Home Productions – Processed Waterfall
Ben Double M – Back In Too Deep
The Lovemakers – Shake That 50 Cent
Bobby Martini – Don’t Call Me Lady
Dunproofin’ – Coming Out (Edit)
Pheugoo – Humps Up
DJ Zebra – Joey Starr Wars
Ben Double M – Feels Like A Rolling Stone
Zamali – Flamenco Freddy Ain’t Too Proud
Dunproofin’ – (Ain’t No Justice)
DJ Earlybird – Girls Just Wanna Dance
Zamali – This Is How We Give You Love
Go Home Productions – Can’t Hold Us Down vs Theme From The Monkees
Go Home Productions – Time vs Outside
DJ Lobsterdust – My Irreplaceable
Uganda – All That She Eats Is Another Big Baby
DJ Earlybird – The Invisible Hustle
DJ Earlybird – Love Shout
DJ Barbelivien – Get Thai Nana
DJ Jay-R – Sweet Sovereign
DJ Mei-Lwun – Smack It Right
Ben Double M – Because Of Love
DJ Zebra – New York Avec Cure
Go Home Productions – The Next Episode vs Weather With You
DJ Fistfunk – Return of The Phantom

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Hand-picked Funk: 1980-1985 (and a bit of Disco and Garage too) – Part 1

Here’s a quick selection of a few 80s funky tracks you MUST play when you invite me 😀 A common feature is the use of a massive groovy bassline… and sometimes quite a catchy vocal loop.

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