Gregory – Space Trip

Space dustI saw there was a previous post in this blog talking of the track “Space Trip” by Gregory, but as there were no samples, i provide here. This track, done together with Cerrone Malligator label, was distributed as 7″ and 12″ by RCA in 1980 (and in Germany, as 12″, by TELDEC). It was used the same year as theme of  two radio programmes, “Boom Hollywood” and “Hit Parade des Clubs” (the second conducted every sunday afternoon by Yann Hegann), both on french Europe1 radio. Gregory himself, in 1981, will provide another theme for the same two programmes with the track “Obsession”. A curious thing about “Space Trip” is that on labels the title is “Knight Music for Space Trip (part. 1 and 2)”. The person of Gregory deserves attention too, as after 1982 he created his own FM-radio, and started doing radio programmes in the Paris clubs of which he became art director, the Metropolis, the Midnight Express and the Pacha-Club, but most of all he became the manager of FR David, helping him to build his millions reccords sold career. Here is the sample of part 1 from the french RCA 12″.

So, prepare your best space-disco outfit, close your eyes, and let your body fly to the stars!


Gregrory – Knight Music For Space Trip (Part I)

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Gino Pavan



Fact: last May I was at a very tiny record fair in the area checking the 2€ bin and here’s where I got one of my biggest recent discoveries, that I’ve included in my OD 6th birthday party mix.  This obscure single from the fabulous italian label Phantom renders perfectly – should anyone need more evidences –  how the disco sound in Italy had a lot in common with the progressive rock sound. Both tracks here are killer, and while “Magico” is pure space rock-disco, “La Terra e il Seme” is a crazy drumming and flute session.

Gino Pavan – Magico

Gino Pavan – La terra e il seme


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New space-themed disco mix, cooked together from some records newly purchased, but mostly some that have been lying around for far too long, waiting to be mixed. They, like we once were, are now….EXILED.


[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/90054105″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Mitchell/Coe Mysteries – Lost in The Stars
Chromium – Carribean Air Control (Instrumental)
Ganymed – We Like You (The Way You like Us)
Ayisha – Spaceman
Montana – Close Encounters, Fourth Movement
Motown Sounds – Space Dance
Chromium – Forces of Light
Silver Convention – Mission to Venus
Jupiter Beyond – The River Drive (Moxie edit)
Cosmo Wave & The Space Cadets – Star Treking
Space Ork. – Dance, Dance Alexandra
Doris D & The Pins – Silver Spaceman
Dee D. Jackson – Red Flight
Mandré – M3000 (Opus IV)
Rockets – Space Rock
The Hiltonaires – Meteor Man
Evidence – Explosion of a Planet
Romanelli – Chain Reaction
Zombi – Sapphire
Moebius – Mirror of Infinity




Battle Of The Stars

Charlie Mike Sierra – Battle Of The Stars (1977)

Not really a trivia since most people know that, but Jean-Pierra Massiera is Mike Sierra indeed (that sounds a bit alike, on purpose.)

The highlight of the album is definitely On The Moon, but IMO the other tracks are quite good on their own though.

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Contact Has Just Been Made


Checking out the musicians on the recent Madame post by Jussi, I noticed Joël Fajerman, a French musician, born in 1948 in Paris was involved. Joël started out in the sixties and seventies as a backing musician with various French bands before a fateful introduction to the god like power of the polyphonic synthesizer changed his life forever.

In 1978 he composed his first instrumental piece for Nippon Japan and in France, he opened Phonorgan, one of the first stores selling organs and synthesizers in Paris with Korg synth importer Dominique Alas. His career took off at the turn of the 80s, after he composed the end credits of the French game show ‘Treasure Hunt’. He is perhaps most famous for the soundtrack he did for the seventies French nature documentary series L’Aventure Des Plantes by the botanist Jean-Marie Pelt and journalist Jean-Pierre Cuny, especially the title track, the ambient classic Flowers Love released in 1982.


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The Wonder Of Woman

front-coverThe Wonderland Disco Band AKA The Wonderland Band were a short lived commerical novelty disco project by Morrie Brown and a flagrant cash-in in on the late 70s comic super-hero phenomenon. Speaking personally, I am really glad they jumped on the disco band-wagon as they left us with some amazing spaced out tracks including two similar versions of  their 1978  ‘Wonder Woman Disco’ release. The first track is the shorter ‘American‘ version and the second track, the longer ‘European‘ version.

I find it hard to choose between the two tracks and both are amongst my favourite seventies space disco numbers for the simple reason they manage to touch base with every disco style imaginable and whats more, it is done so seamlessly. If I had a gun at my head and had to choose a single track then I would have to go with the European version and its breathy Euro-sleaze spoken word interlude plus the extended space lasers barrage at the nine minute mark!

Wonderland Disco Band – Wonder Woman (American Version)

Wonderland Disco Band – Wonder Woman [European Version]

The Wonderland Disco Band also released a couple of other singles including the 1978 double A side Superman/ Thrill Me (With Your Super Love) and you can hear the latter track here on Overfitting Disco. They also released the excellent Wonder Woman album (under The Wonderland Band name)  in 1979 which features both tracks from the aforementioned single as well as the 12 inch ‘American‘ version of Wonder Woman.

The  cover from the album is featured above and I included it so you too can marvel at how they so creatively got around the DC Comics copyright on the Wonder Woman character! (though they do seem to have borrowed heavily on the lyrics and song structure from the theme of the TV adaption of Wonder Woman if my childhood memories are at all reliable).

Actually I prefer the Wonderland Wonder Woman to the all-American Wonder Woman; though I was a huge DC/Marvel/2000AD comics collector as a seventies kid, I never liked the Captain America/Superman macho costume-hero types, I always preferred the existential angst of Silver Surfer and the cool amoralism of Judge Dread!

The Wonder Woman Disco album is available pretty cheaply and a near mint copy can be picked up for around 12 Euros. Likewise, the 12 inch with both the American & European versions can be found for 5-6 Euros.

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The Robot Scientists on air tonight at 8 P.M. UTC

Make sure to listen to us, The Robot Scientists and our “Spaced Out Disco” radio show tonight, exclusively here on Overfitting Disco Radio, at 8 PM UTC. Our summer party warm up mix features many awesome electro and space disco classics you should not miss! Enjoy the flight! 😉

The Robot Scientists Spaced Out Disco Radio & Event

The Robot Scientists Spaced Out Disco Radio Show & Event

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