“Russians Got Groove” Report Mix

How_Beezar presents first report on the subject “Got the Russians a groove?” for your enjoyment.

Let’s consider all the materials. (more…)

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Fight Is Going On Again

One of main and mightiest soviet propaganda song (1978)  is curiously laid on funky beat and contains heroic “spaghetti-esque” trumpet solo.

All-Union Radio Orchestra – Fight Is Going On Again (How_Beezar 7 inch Re-Edit)

Ready to join Communist Party? Just call your regional representative!

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Yury Chernavsky “Hello, Bananan Boy!” (How_Beezar Instrumental Re-Edit)

Here’s maestro Yury Chernavsky again. You might hear his earlier groovy disco classic “Discs Are Circling (How_Beezar Re-Edit)” performed by Krasny Maki band.

3 years later, in 1983 Chernavsky recorded his 1st solo album “Banana’s Islands” which never has been officially released.  In 1987, at the height of the Perestroyka, track “Hello, Bananan Boy” was included in film “ASSA” OST. This film is the cult for every kid grown up in 80s in USSR. I, for example, decided to become a musician right away after the final credits of the film.

“Hello, Bananan Boy” illustrates Disco-Not-Disco influence on indie dance enthusiasts in Soviet Union: bass, drums, infectious guitar riff and freaky vocal with absurd lyrics about little boy Bananan living in a telephone receiver.

In this How_Beezar Instrumental Re-Edit words are cut out, and we can delight with pure rhythm and amazing guitar riff.



Janna Aguzarova “Eagle” (How_Beezar Garage Re-Edit, 2011)



Livinglegend Janna Aguzarova is most talented russian pop-singer. She recorded only 2 original albums:

– “Bravo” (1987), as a lead singer of retro-oriented rock’n’roll /pop band Bravo and

– “Russian Album” (1990) — her single solo album with brutal synth-pop sound, where this song “Eagle” is taken from.

Janna Aguzarova has no official website, writes one new song per year, keeps performing and still remains the greatest russian pop-singer.

This re-edit is based on final part of the song with unexpected fat and groovy bass line, referring to great Larry Levan’s mix of Gwen Guthrie’s “Seventh Heaven”.


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