EXCLUSIVE: Flemming Dalum – “Out of this world” mix


(FD as seen by Kid Machine aka Mark Wilkinson)

Easter time once again, and disco lovers know there’s nothing better than turning to Overfitting Disco for the sweetest surprises!

We are immensely proud to host the biggest italo legend of the galaxy, aka The King of the Cut, mister Flemming Dalum. Flemming has a wide cult following as a DJ, as he was “there” at “the time”, living the original italo disco scene when it was on, dancing in the tube at Rimini’s legendary Altromondo club and spinning his candies taken directly at Il Discotto and Merak shops during his regular trips to Italy. He’s a living encyclopaedia of italo, as well as one the world’s biggest completist of the italo-disco genre itself, with a 25.000+ vinyl collection just devoted to a single music style.

His legendary mixtapes – published in ultra limited releases – have marked an essential contribution in the italo disco renaissance of the latest decade, released by lables such as Panama Racing, Cyber Dance, Centre Neptune, Mothball. Flemming remixed rare and overlooked italo gems, now essential classics such as Calice, Ghecko, Alex Valentini, S.C.O.R.T.A., Body Electric, Night System, D. Carred and his latest effort, a remix of the minimal ’84 new wave tune by italian band Neurox, “A Raving Night”, released in 2012 on David Vunk’s Moustache.

“Out of this world” is a hard rocking mix with exclusive tracks, an uber cool selection of unreleased tunes and mega rare obscure italo 7-inchers for the hardcores!

(To listen click the arrow below, to download right-click on the “Download” word -> Save link as)

Flemming Dalum – Out of this world EXCLUSIVE


Mustafa – Huana Mali He

Maserati Ghibli Spider

One of my most popular obscure records, as well as another musical evidence that 1977 was the greatest year for disco in any country, Italy included.
A great Alberto Mandolesi-Giuseppe Cassia production, that sits on the flipside of the 7″: oriental mind-blowing mesmerizing erotic madness.
Perfect material to let anyone dance to the sickest belly dance ever……….

Mustafa – Huana Mali He

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Timothy e Luca – Due


Obscure italian disco masterpiece or total crap that needs to be forgotten as soon as possible? Either way, this 1979 gay-themed track is all about one of the two guys getting horny listening how the other one cheated on him, I’m pretty sure it needs no translation whatsoever. For sure, this is strictly for sleaze experts only.

Timothy & Luca – Due

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Tonica & Dominante



Tonica e Dominante – Tigre

This one has been under the radar for a while now, and one of my major secrets that it’s now time to reveal to the world…..another obscure true italian gem from 1979, Tonica & Dominante’s “Tigre” 7″ on the similarly obscure Dominant label, is really a unique track: it is pure disco power sung in Neapolitan dialect.

This little pearl is filled with orchestra parts and amazing winds, and belongs to the next-big-thing in the disco scene revival: the Neapolitan afro (jazz-funk-ethno-pop-disco) scene of the middle 70s-to-early 80s, that gave birth (and a fruitful career) to the likes of  Tullio de Piscopo, Tony Esposito, Teresa de Sio and the now ultra mainstream cheese-spreader Pino Daniele. Therefore you can easily imagine there must be some more real disco masterpieces still buried under the ashes of the Vesuvio………

Oddly (or luckily) enough, even the flipside, “Gennarino O’ Sioux” is ultra killer material.

Tonica e Dominante – Gennarino O’ Sioux

This is one of the rarest and most expensive italian disco releases, as it was a private press in small numbers, pretty ignored at the time!

UPDATE: Tracks uploaded to the radio playlist

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