“Back From Flea Market” 20/07/11

French or French Canadian Disco Funk only. The kitsch factor is pumped up to the maximum.

Various Artists – Back From Flea Market 20/07/11


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Party Trailer

Party Trailer
Upcoming films have teasers and trailers so why can’t party events have them too? There’ll be an onslaught of disco of the Overfitting kind in London UK in August and here are little bits and pieces of sounds to come. More info posted soon.

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Cosmic Beach Club Vol. 3

Hello friends!

Now we publish our last “Spaced Out Disco Session” for you to enjoy it again. It’s our official “Cosmic Beach Club Vol. 3” and some stylish sunset disco for warm days and hot nights. A hypnotic psychedelic nudisco trip to enjoy with a cool drink, good friends, the feet in white sands and under purple skies. Some of the best NuDisco artists, some of their best tracks, mixed only with vinyl records – as usual. If you like it tell it to your friends and support the good music.

The Robot Scientists – Cosmic Beach Club Vol. 3


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Dancefloor Mix


Jussi Kantonen – Dancefloor Mix


This one is basically a re-recording of my dj set at Mbar in Helsinki a while back. Real vinyls, no serato, no cds. Long instrumental jams, some electro-ish stuff, many tracks you obviously already know. Could be there are a couple of obscure titles too, so check it out. The whole thing is built with 3 separate sequences, the first one ending with Soul On Fire. There were 2 djs that night, the other came on when I needed to go and talk to friends, etc.
Please pay attention to a) the incandescent Safari Of Love by Miro and b) As Freneticas from Rio doing Dancin’ Days. Perfect summer records or what.
tracklist, approx:
Echoes Of Jerusalem – Echoes Of Jerusalem
Qua la Mano ost – His Majesty
Black Magic – Soul On Fire
Glem Curtis – Need Your Love dub
Miro – Safari of Love
Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force – Looking For The Perfect Beat instr.
Saturn 1 – Magic Fly
Bernard Estardy – Red Wave
LEB Harmony – Discorgan
Okko Bekker – Ganges Delta
Herbie Mann – Kidnappin’ Lover
a bit off the Orfeo Negro ost
As Freneticas – Dancin’ Days
Reverberi – Bahia
Bonnie St. Claire – Don’t Let Them Stop The Music
Denise McCann – Computer Breakdown

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The Spaced Out Disco Session – June 2011

This is our official “Spaced Out Disco Vol. 4”-Mix and it represents the set we were playing in Paris at the Cosmicotherapy-Party.

You also can find it on our Soundcloud with complete tracklist. Hope you enjoy the maximum synth-power in full effect.

The Robot Scientists – The Spaced Out Disco Session – June 2011

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Zoom mix


Jussi Kantonen – Zoom Mix

Here’s the two great cuts from the 2nd Zoom album, mixed in and out of other tunes. No theme as such but the general feel seems again to evoke scenes of flying to distant destinations. The air hostesses with big hair are there too, of course, in case of food poisoning and loss of oxygen. Done with two Technics using vinyl only, no CGE (computer generated editing).
Pierre Porte – Intro
Nicky Bulldog – Dog Power Song
Performance – Hong Kong Connection
Zoom – Delta Flight
Seeds of The Earth – Planting Seeds
Andre Gagnon – Wow
Steve Nicholas – American Symphony
Zoom – Flying High
City – Bulgarien Rock
Marian Stockley – Give Me Love
Space Factory – E.D.U.A.L.C. 2001 Odyssey
Action – Number One
Countdown – Raptus
Mandy B Jones – 1 2 3 4
Earl Venus & Eternity – Time Tunnel
Apache – Un Million De Ratas
Gene Farrow – Danger Zone
Hawkwind – outro



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The Spaced Out Disco Session May 2011


Hey guys!

Are you ready for a ride into the past of Cosmic and Space Disco? This is the file from our latest session last Friday. Though we are not so in that “Real Disco”-knowledge of the most blog-posts we think that our Space Disco Classics Mix fits very well into this context. Something different like our mixes so far here on air.

The Robot Scientists – Space Disco Classics

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“Russians Got Groove” Report Mix

How_Beezar presents first report on the subject “Got the Russians a groove?” for your enjoyment.

Let’s consider all the materials. (more…)

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Die Unersättlichen

Various Artists – Die Unersättlichen

A false sequel to Hard Dixo.

The first half is dedicated to hard electronic basslines and French stompers, the other one slows down a bit and features some oddities and exotic curiosities.

The tracklisting follows: (more…)

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The Edwige Fenech Party Mix

Jussi Kantonen – Edwige Fenech Mix
Edwige jumped on the table in her fabulous sequined bell bottoms and matching top outfit and started to shake. For maximum effect I played some mutated space disco – from vinyls only of course – and this got the rest of the guests on their feet as well. Lead by Edwige her arms open wide, the dancers formed a line around the room: Rosalba Neri, Klaus Kinski, George Hilton, Gloria Guida, Anita Strindberg, Florinda Bolkan, Luc Merenda, Eva Robins, Udo Kier and quite a few others shimmied past me. More music: the one and only Jeannette. Everything became hazy. Was it all just a hallucination?

David Keat – Cosmo Galactic Prism
Fuji Yama – Japan Disco
Symphonic Band Orchestra – Kafar Abida
Solar Searcher – Space Encounter
Animation – Space Traveler
BJ Thomson – Discorient pt 2
Pinups – If You Can’t Boogie
Eldorado – Fast Friends
Gus Kamaras – Taboo
Sirena – The Dancer
Best Wishes – Brasilo Brazila
African Magic Combo – Magic Combo instrumental
Banzaii – Rhythm America/Viva America
Jeannette – Don’t Say Goodnight To A Lady Of Spain
Gigi – Don’t Let The Disco End
Tony Sinclair Orchestra – Gipsy Strings
Soul Iberica Band – Funky Flamenco
Peppers – A Taste of Honey

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The Spaced Out Disco Session – April 2011

This is the blog with the one and only message: “Vinyl kills MP3” – and as you know this is our credo as well. Some time ago we had the honour to make an exclusive mix for this blog as a podcast. This was the mix being scheduled last Friday as our Spaced Out Disco Session April 2011. As usual it is recorded live only with our vinyl records – with one exception: the first track (it’s one of ours), because there isn’t available any vinyl.

The Robot Scientists – The Spaced Out Disco Session – April 2011 – Vinyl kills MP3 Mix

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Nunsploitation Mix


Jussi Kantonen – Nunsploitation Mix

The blog honours a film genre inhabiting a special place in our hearts: the Nun Movie. The narrative (?) of the mix follows the storylines of cult classics like Dominico Paolella’s “Storia di una monaca di clausura/Story of a cloistered nun” and Jess Franco’s “Die liebesbriefe einer Portugiesischen nonne/Love letters of a Portuguese nun”.

In fear of a scandal, a wealthy family forces their promiscuous 16-year old daughter into a convent. Immediately, she turns the place into a hotbed of Sapphic desires. Driven insane with jealousy and lust, the Mother Superior accuses the newcomer of being in league with the devil himself. As the hysteria accelerates with flagellations and nuns dancing naked on the altar, the Holy Inquisition is called to investigate. Everyone is tortured horribly and the Mother Superior is burned at the stake. The surviving Brides of Christ are all sold into slavery.


opening credit sequence: – Ogni Pensiero Vola

Philarmonics – Spring

Bus Connection – 5 o’Clock In The Morning

Susana Estrada – Acariciame

Fabulous Faces Orchestra – Evolution

Pearly Gates – Burning Love

Krono – Krono

F.G.T.H. – Welcome To The Pleasuredome DMC mix

Cozy Powell – Dance With The Devil

Fini Tribe – De Testimony

end credit sequence: Nabucco

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As Loose As The Eurostoxx


An old DJ set I’ve dug up from a dusty hard drive, most likely recorded in late 2008 (hence this curious name.) I don’t recall the set being aired on the webradio, nor mixing it, but I’m defo proud of it upon listening to it now.

Big fat warning: if you can’t stand unlikely mashups, bits of eurodance and chiptunes here and there, loads of italo disco covers with huge sawtooth waves, please don’t listen to it. This post does really deserve its ‘wtf?’ tag.

Various Artists – As Loose As The Eurostoxx


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Spaced Out Session March 2011


In memoriam Salvatore Cusato again: this is our tribute to him, to Casco. No more words necessary – only R.I.P. Here you can listen to our last Friday’s set again:

The Robot Scientists – The Spaced Out Disco Session – March 2011 – Casco Memorial Mix

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Spaced Out Session February 2011


Not sure if anybody noticed our Oldschool-Electro-Set we presented in the beginning of February. So if you missed the session here you can catch it up.

The Robot Scientists – The Spaced Out Disco Session – February 2011 – Old School Electro Mix

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Gucko Gucko

Various Artists – Gucko Gucko 20110302

Vintage communist disco from Eastern Europe. It starts with regular (but twisted) disco, passes through electronic wtf territories, and finally ends with unashamedly cheesy italo disco and synthpop.

Yes, I know, the mixing is either atrocious or non-existent, but most tracks were severely warped. I honestly did my best. Excessive sweating, and astronomically huge amounts of swear words were involved in my failed attempt at beatmatching everything.



Taxi Driver mix


Jussi Kantonen – Taxi Driver mix

The report to the commissioner states that taxi driver Travis Bickle and Iris, the teenage prostitute he was trying to save from her pimp, went disco dancing on several nights prior to the shootings on Lower East Side. Travis Bickle or Iris were not available for comment, but according to a friend of hers, she liked to frequent clubs like Infinity and Boombamakaoo.

As documented in Vince Aletti’s book The Disco Files the programming was quite surprisingly eclectic in New York in 1976. Iris and Travis could have been doing the latin hustle to salsaesque tracks (Ruis Ortiz: Hot Blood, the opening cut of the mix) along with Salsoul-style orchestral titles (Night Journey by Doc Severinsen which follows the Ortiz track, Darkness by The Zacar Orchestra, All I’ve Got by Astrud Gilberto, among others), pracing up and down wildly to eurodisco (Disco Do Brazil by Paolo, Desperado by Sgt. Cracker’s Band etc), as well as oscillating free form to fast tempo jazz disco like Sugar Free by Hank Crawford. Travis can’t have been much of a dancer, though.

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Third Birthday Report – The 9-hour-long recording is here!

The post of the year has arrived: the full webradio recording of the Third Birthday Bash – originally aired on January 8, 2011, is now ready for download.


Over 9 hours (9 hours and a half to be precise) of Disco mixery, in all its forms. All decades are represented, all sub-genres are featured. It goes from obscure vintage proto-Disco to new school Housey stompers: there’s a specific mixset for everyone’s taste.

Thank you to all the DJs, who kindly accepted to share their Disco knowledge and know-how. Kudos to all listeners, for your enthusiasm and your support.

Happy birthday Overfitting Disco.

In order of appearance:

  • Eugene Tambourine (M. E. Lemcio) [US]
    • Laurie Anderson
    • Ashford & Simpson – Maybe I Can Find It (ET Miniscule Edit)
    • Jakki – You Are The Star (ET Edit)
    • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Come Out And Play (ET Edit)
    • Balihu – Warped (ET Edit)
    • Paris Grey – Big Fun (acapella overlay)
    • Oppenheimer’s Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
    • Coati Mundi – The Boat Dance (ET Edit)
    • Patrice Rushen – Let The Music Take Me
    • Chas Jankel & Laura Weymouth – Whisper (ET Edit)
    • Marvin Gaye – Love Party (ET Apocalypse Edit)
    • Denise Montana – Can You Spare A Little Love For Me? (ET Edit)
    • Michael Henderson – You’re My Choice (Bisopsgarden Mix/ET Edit)
    • Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches & Prunes (ET Edit)
    • Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principella
    • Xena – On The Upside
    • Liza Minnelli – Losing My Mind
    • Moodymann – Don’t You Want My Love?
    • D-Train – Music (vocal excerpt)
  • Italocarlito [IT]
    • Beginning of RAI Italian TV programs sigla, 1970s
    • CJ & Co – Devil’s Gun pt.1
    • Boncompagni & Ormi – Ritmo Dance
    • Erotic Drum Band – Love Disco Style
    • Roxy Music – Angel Eyes
    • Desert Express – Disco Piper
    • Arpeggio – Love & Desire pt.2
    • Queen Samantha – Mama Rue
    • Who’s Who – Palace Palace
    • Chocolat’s – The King of Clubs
    • Malibu – Must be love
    • Cocktail Naif – Love Concert
    • Mina – Tiger Bay
    • Orient Express – Abdullah’s Wedding
    • Moleskine – Doctor I gotta have music
    • Ayx – Incontro Due
    • Lina Savonà – Maya
    • Enigma – Cave Man
    • Gino Soccio – Outline
    • Charme – Cobra Dance pt. 1
    • Giorgia Lauda – Mandolino
    • El Tigre – Figure
    • Laser – His name is Charlie
    • Barbados Climax – Sexation
    • Giants – Backdoor man
    • End of RAI Italian TV programs sigla, 1970s
  • SpAceLex [DE]
    • No track list
  • Jerry Bonham [US]
    • No track list
  • Jussi Kantonen [FI]
    • Chab Hamid – Lala Sadia (over Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose)
    • Peter Nero – Soul Ballet
    • Carl Barok – Blue Nights In Granada
    • Diabolic Man – Diabolic Man
    • Lovers Unlimited – Give A Little Time For Your Love
    • MTC Athénée – Welcome
    • Okko Bekker – Santana
    • John Ireland – Stars
    • Biddu Orchestra – Journey To The Sun
    • Chrisma – Amore
    • Bonnie St. Claire – Don’t Let Them Stop The Music
    • Superguitar – Shadows In A Disco
    • Pop Concerto Orchestra – Hey Hey
    • Champagne – Black Jack
    • Spinach – Action Man pt 2
    • Coincidence – Mr Right
    • Possession – Possess Me
    • Diabolic Soul Invention – Mefisto
  • The Robot Scientists [DE]
    • Brian Bennett – Voyage
    • The Splash Band – Das Philadelphia Experiment
    • Brian Auger – Night train to nowhere (instr.)
    • Discodromo – Guinea (Andy Blake’s Edit)
    • Tesla Sonic – The thundering bolt of Jove
    • Apiento & Co – She walks (Pete Herbert Remix)
    • Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal (Rayko Remix)
    • Hannulelauri – Sorcery
    • B. Blase – Shake it now (instr.)
    • Marzio Dance – You can do it (instr.)
    • Riz Ortolani – Il corpo di Linda
    • Electrick Dragon – Italian inspiration
    • MC1 – Counter (Avanti ft. Bottin Remix)
    • Expansives – Live with you
    • Andy Romano – Sayonara robot
    • Electra – Feels good (instr.)
    • Roland Sebastian Faber – Löffelkinder
    • Sare Havlicek – Dreams in light (Original)
    • Blackbelt Anderson – Tyrkisk pepper
    • D-Pulse – On a highway to Saturn (Jan Ken Po Remix)
    • Todd Terje – Italian stallion
    • Thai Break – Flowers in the rain (Maxi Mix by Serge Santiago)
  • Casionova [GB]
    • Spruxxx & Ali Renault – Blades
    • The Hasbeens – Keep Fooling Yourself
    • Mr Pauli – Satisfaction
    • Mr Flagio – Take A Chance
    • Electrick Dragon – Davorite
    • Fockewulf 190 – Gitano
    • Andy Romano – L’amour robotique
    • Alex Valentini – Beautiful Life (Flemming Dalum Edit)
    • Electrick Dragon – Italian Inspiration
    • The Why Not – Comet 059
    • Doctor’s Cat – Watch Out (Instrumental)
  • okay_awright [FR]
    • Defender – Bliss
    • Jess & Crabbe – F9’Riot Squad
    • Alex Gopher – The Child (Faze Action White Wall Tea Party Mix)
    • Social Disco Club & Maia – The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version)
    • 20:20 Soundsystem – Ocean (Ray Mang Instrumental)
    • The Phenomenal Handclap Band – You’ll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix)
    • In Flagranti – Acumen (Holy Ghost! Version)
    • The Golden Filter – Thunderbird (Dub)
    • Martin Virgin – Intergalactic Lover (The Beat Broker Vocal To Dub Mix)
    • Jewrhythmics – Misirlou (Pete Herbert Re-Rub)
    • Jogger – Nice Tights (Keenhouse Remix)
    • Headman & Dieter Meier – Gimme (In Flagranti Remix)
    • Moullinex – Superman (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
    • Leonardus & Quinten 909 – Heartbreaker
    • Alan1 – Concertmate (Bobermann Remix)
    • Robyn – Indestructible (A-Trak Dub)
    • Sébastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak Dub)
    • Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco
    • Eddy Rosemond – Wake Up And Move “Funky” (LeBatman Remix)
    • Olav Basoski – The Other Side
    • Vivien Vee – Gotta Go (Silver Disco Remix)
    • His Majesty Andre – Peep Thong
  • How_Beezar [RU]
    • ABBA – Does Your Mama Know (How_Beezar re-touch, short version)
    • AS Dragon – Follow Me
    • Michel Houellebecq – Paric Dourdan
    • John Tyssen & Daniele Prencipe – No Exit
    • Hurdle & Ricotti – Move On
    • Sauveur Mallia – All The Bass
    • Grace Jones – I’ve Done It Again
    • Ian And The Zodiacs – It Ain’t Necessarily So
    • How_Beezar presents Dream Express – Melody And Tune
    • Barry White – Standing In The Shadows Of Love
    • John Oswald – It’s A Beautiful Day
    • Chocolate Weasel – Music For Body Lockers
    • Eolika – I Forgot Your Face (How_Beezar re-edit, short version)
    • Orlando Riva Sound – We’re Not Alone
    • The Intergalactic Orchestra – Star Flying
    • Nazia Hassan – Disco Deewane (Part 2)

Beware: the complete set of files weights a little less than 1Gb. Please favour the torrent links in order to minimize our bandwidth usage.

V/A – Overfitting Disco Presents – The Third Birthday Bash! – 20110108

Part 1 [torrent] [direct link]

Part 2 [torrent] [direct link]

Part 3 [torrent] [direct link]

P.S. The previous year birthday party is still available here.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Various Artists – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Don’t expect a refined selection, nor any sharp mixing skills. It just goes bang! and that’s what matters for about one hour.


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