Disco Dance 5 Mix


Disco Dance 5

Downtempo, uptempo and more queso than at the food court of El Corte Inglés.

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Disco Dance 4 – corruption by an alien source


Disco Dance 4 – Heroic Themes – Corruption by an Alien Source.

Heroic themes for space travel and alien insemination, including many tracks heard during my set at Camp Cosmic last Saturday night.

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American Classics


American Classics

Brash, excessive, aggressive, flashy, compulsive, humorous, enthusiastic, uninhibited, extravagant, vulgar, funky, thrusting, jazzy, energetic, ostentatious, neurotic, exuberant, dramatic – American disco can be like that. Check it out here. Long versions, of course.

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The Brad and Janet Rocky Disco Mix

time warp

The Brad and Janet Rocky Disco Mix

The immortal Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me is here of course in a stunning dancefloor friendly 1975 version, along with other numbers huge at each Annual Transylvanian Convention as well as on the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania.

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Sticky: Overfitting Disco 7 Report


The exciting sound of the electric guitar, voodoo drums that burst out of the loudspeakers, the Indian Sitar – these are the tools with which thirteen infamous disc jockeys build their rhythmic extravaganzas for the Seventh Birthday Party of Overfitting Disco. Drop out, tune in and dive headfirst into the beat and the psychedelia, a place throbbing with sonic colors that defy reality, a place where the only limits are the limits of your imagination. Here are the mixes. Ready when you are.

Note: please favour the torrent links for bandwidth usage reasons, thank you.

In order of appearance:

01 [Jingle] 01j-198613997392 torrent play
02 Nixxon & Vomatron (DK) 02nv-9+5363641541514 torrent play
  1. Franco Del Moro – Elisans Song
  2. Hot Butter – Space Walk
  3. ? – Flamenco (I’m not trying to be secret, but this is version is from some spanish complation with no artist mentioned
  4. Alexander Curly – Jan-Jantjes-Jansen
  5. Anarchic System – Carmen Brasilia
  6. Carlo Rustichelli – Synthetizer Rhythmic
  7. Yvan Guilini – Space 2000
  8. Veronika Fischer & Band – Und Sprach Kein Wort
  9. John Ireland – You’re living inside my head
  10. Le Loup – Then you can believe
  11. Gershon Kingsley and The Moog – Hey-hey
  12. I Manuel Portorico – Lucky Trip
  13. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra – The New Avengers Theme
  14. Gianni & Grafitti – Laser Beam
  15. Orchestra Paul Ovsyannikova – Star Bend
  16. Unit Four – Second wind
  17. Buffalos Band – Slag Solution
  18. Lolita ladies – Toro
  19. Piritta – Ota
  20. Soul Sound Group – Savannah
03 Jussi Kantonen (FI) 03jk-187186178170 torrent play
  1. Dalderi – Anno Domino
  2. L’Orchestre Electronique – Westway
  3. Viridiana – Boogaloo
  4. Lello Santori – Cumbre
  5. Pajaro Azul – Hang Glider
  6. Lucio Lasorte Show – Mascherata
  7. Andre Brasseur – Classical Experience
  8. Area Code 615 – Stone Fox Chase
  9. Veto Matchill – Blowing
  10. Megaton – Standing In The Rain Again
  11. Sky Crackers – Everybody’s Talkin’
  12. Jack-Knife – Walking On Heaven’s Ground
  13. Bob Crewe Generation – An Angel Is Love
  14. Ananda Shankar – Explorations
  15. Nandu Bhende & Chorus – Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja Too
04 M Eugene Lemcio (US) 04et-98176169167.71919 torrent play
  1. Bette Midler – Hang On In There, Baby (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  2. Donna Summer – If It Hurts Just A Little
  3. Jah Wobble – It Was A Camel (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  4. Paul McCartney – Secret Friend (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  5. McFadden & Whitehead – Do You Want To Dance?
  6. Ralph McDonald – Calypso Breakdown (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  7. King Sunny Ade – Sunny Ti De Ariya
  8. The Salsoul Orchestra – Ritzy Mambo (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  9. Yello – Downtown Samba
  10. Paulinho Da Costa – Ritmo Number One
  11. UB40 – Tyler (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  12. Imagination – Tell Me, Do You Want My Love?
  13. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Love Magic
  14. Don Armando’s 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band – Winter Love (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  15. Lou Rawls – See You When I Get There (Tom Moulton Mix) (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  16. Patti Brooks – Come Fly With Me (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  17. Joe Bataan – Forever (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
  18. The New York Community Choir – Since You Came Into My Life
  19. Major Harris – Night Moods (Re-edited by Eugene Tambourine)
05 Telexketch Jordi (ES) 05tj-5836171.36361616 torrent play
  1. Black Gold – C’mon Stop
  2. Demis Roussos – I Dig You
  3. Captain Torkive – Flying Saucers
  4. Cerrone – Striptease
  5. The Fitzcarraldo Variatons – Black Cat
  6. G.Bri – Non Rompere
  7. Mike Theodore Orchestra – Disco People
  8. Gepy & Gepy – African Love Song
  9. Commandant Carlos – The Charm Of Love
  10. Cocktail Naïf – Love Concert
  11. Penny McLean – Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance
  12. Gate Number 7 – Fly
  13. Danny Boy & The Serious Party Gods – Castro Boy
  14. Alberto Radius – Poliziotto
  15. Ganymed – We Like you
06 okay_awright (FR) 06oa-861.76.11316 torrent play
  1. Abba – Knowing Me, Knowing You (Okay Knowing It Edit)
  2. Shadow – Let’s Get Together (Dub)
  3. Gary Low – I Want You (Okay Washed Out Edit)
  4. David Appel Group – Feeling Fire
  5. Sheena & Rokkets – Lazy Crazy Blues
  6. Miharu Koshi – L’amour toujours
  7. Chiemi Manabe – Targeted Girl
  8. Angie – Lady-Angie
  9. Jakie Quartz – Mise au point (Okay aggiustamento Edit)
  10. Françoise Hardy – V.I.P. (Okay 1986 Club Mix)
  11. Jakie Quartz – À la vie, à l’amour
  12. Mikado – D’accord, d’accord (Plaisir de France Edit) (Okay, Okay 1986 Club Mix)
  13. François Feldman – Amour de corridor (Okay première expérience Edit)
07 Kristiina and Tero Männikkö (FI) 07ktm-61719911331646 torrent play
private tracklist
08 Mr Fantasy (SE) 08mf-541.16969116961 torrent play
private tracklist
09 Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie (BE) 09rnz-818768617651313 torrent play
private tracklist
10 Le Discoboulet (DE) 10ldb-9817891133616 torrent play
private tracklist
11 Rutes (UK) 11r-8571639366164517 torrent play
private tracklist
12 Carlo Simula (IT) 12cs-56147616973232112 torrent play
  1. Nino Soprano – La sigla di Nino
  2. Yma Sumac – Chuncho
  3. Walter Rizzati – Il tempo domani
  4. Tony De Vita e Memo Remigi – Mistral
  5. Dean Siani Orchestra – Tom Dooley Story (discotheque version)
  6. Desire – Lifting Off
  7. Ricchi e Poveri – Jungle Beat
  8. Gilda Giuliani – My friend Superman
  9. La Quinta Strada – Horror
  10. Terra – Silenzio il tempo gira
13 Tiney (DE) 13t-6515178117581755 torrent play
  1. Junior Homrich With Brian Gascoigne – The Burning Of The Shabona
  2. African Head Charge – Down Under Again
  3. Elkin Nelson – Abran Paso–Ahoa
  4. Beauregard, Violletti & Ste-Claire – Ce Soir
  5. Bear Brothers – Love Is (Psychemagik Edit)
  6. Ezy & Isaac – Let Your Body Move ( Oba Balu Balu )
  7. Ennio Morricone – Come Maddalena
  8. Samba Soul – Chove Chuva / Mas Que Nada
  9. Kati Kovács – Ha hiszel bennem, fiú…
  10. Arrabal Orchestra – Parfum De Gorge
  11. Manolo Gas & The Tinto Band Bang – Sweet Life
  12. Danny Darrow – Nene, Deja Tu Amor Correr Libremente (Baby Let Your Love Run Free)
  13. Plaza – Dance, Baby Dance
  14. Malibu – 80’s, 80’s?
14 Andrè Pahl (DE) 14ap-981881631816515 torrent play
private tracklist

The previous birthday recordings are still available: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

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Dillon’s Downtown


Dillon’s Downtown

Dillon’s Downtown was an enormous upmarket disco in the corner of West 5th Street and South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. The venue, a converted hotel with a ballroom and meeting areas, had three floors with slightly different music in each. The main space throbbed with a mix of popular hustle beats, anthemic big-room bass, sleek ’n’ shiny synths, strings, cosmic arps, grand pianos, huge FX and Epic Drama. The crowd was somewhat dressy but they certainly danced. Going up the stairs from the main hall to the smaller rooms you would see people teaching each other the latest moves in the lounges. The too-tired-to-move-anymore were slumped on the carpeting, rubbing their feet or leaning silently against the walls.

Apart from the intro the music in the mix contains big hits played at the club during the second week of June 1978. Check the final track I Wanna Dance by Marathon, an El Bimbo on speed kind of frantic pounder from Pete Bellotte & co. Quite a tune.

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Manolo, Un Poquito Mas


Manolo Gas & Tinto Band Bang – Quizas Quizas Quizas


This version by the much-in-demand Manolo Gas does not that much differ from the rest of the disco remakes of standards that were massively popular in 1976 – until he starts to throw in peculiar synth noises.

“1976” has more tunes from the period in question, most with the then-current latin hustle feel. For an alternative vibe also much in evidence on the floors in 1976 check out Brass Construction’s monster hit Movin’- you need to know it so you don’t get humiliated when the title turns up in conversation.

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“Melissa realized they were heading out of Manhattan. “Where are you taking me?” she demanded. “Home to meet mother?” Her perfume and the rustling of her tighs as she turned to check his reaction were sharp intrusions in the quietly purring Rolls. “No,” Larry drawled, driving steadily. “Not to mother. Just to a big, comfortable place. My summer house. As you already know I happen to be a terrific cook.”
He sounded like a kid. Melissa’s eyes were blazing. “Stop the car. I am taking the subway downtown, to Busby’s. I am going disco dancing like I told you. Without you. And Larry dear, it’s just as well, as your dancing is as bad as your cooking.”

Jacqueline Cole: Deadly Devotions (1975).

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Huge kudos to Rutes for sharing this fantastic DJ set with us

Rutes – Secrets

  1. Armando Trovaioli – Renee
  2. Chicken Curry And His Pop Percussion Orchestra – Librium
  3. Piero Piccioni – Get Rid Of Me
  4. The Kenny Bird Orchestra – Nobody Is Perfect
  5. El Chicles – Bantu
  6. Paul Mille – Return To Amazony
  7. Guy Pedersen Et Son Grand Orchestra – Le Telefon
  8. The Fragrance Of Soul – Disco Love
  9. Boro – Iso
  10. Sweet Music – I Get Lifted
  11. LM Special – Funky Prugna
  12. Philippe Nicaud – C’Ex
  13. The Jimmy Castor Bunch – King Kong
  14. Elektro-Dschungel – Liebe Gabi
  15. Caceres – Rompe Con Todo
  16. Corinne – Take Me Now
  17. Aleo’s Band – Chopin Disco
  18. Court Bouillon – Vannella
  19. Sweeties – Streaking
  20. Ennio Morricone – Alla Luce Del Giorno
  21. Ton Zum Film – Harlekin
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Dancing at Piranha


Dancing at Piranha

Capri, Italia, August 9th 1977
21.00: meeting up at Caffe Caso in the piazza
21.30: pizzas at Aurora, 18 Via Fuorlovado
22.30: several doppios at Caffe Vuotto in the piazza
23.55: the night begins at the Piranha
05.00: back to the piazza to buy slices of leftover bread
05.30: passing out

The music: big tracks at the Piranha 2nd week of August 1977. The images, above: an approximation from memory of the club. Below: Via Camerelle at nightfall. The Piranha was in the 3rd building from the left.

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All Seven Inches

With kind permission of Geoffrey LaRue and Bill Spencer from Detroit, here’s a link to their All Seven Inches, a long, hot, powerfully throbbing mix including tracks like Paradise: Flying High In Your Magic, JM Bly & Green Waves: Waterfall, Christopher Laird: Break of Dawn, Ben Norman: Got To Be, Pages: Heartaches & Pain and a load of others. Pure dynamite.

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“Back From Flea Market” 29/09/14


Various Artists – Back From Flea Market 29/09/14

  1. Adriano Celentano – Somebody Save Me
  2. Adriano Celentano – Che Cosa Ti Farei
  3. Stelvio Cipriani – Anonimous Venetian (To Be The One You Love)
  4. Manolo Gas & The Tinto Band Bang –  Luna Arabiga
  5. Love Collection Starring Jean Sharon – Papa Bully
  6. Sina Young – Love Of My Life
  7. Sonia – L’Amour Disco (Edit)
  8. Bordeaux Rouge – New Generation (Vocal)
  9. Lolly Frizol – Disco Lady
  10. Sunrise – Burnin’
  11. Rendez-Vous – Rock’n Roll Disco Boogie (Edit)
  12. Vic Upshaw – Indian War Dance
  13. Mr. Lo – Manitou
  14. Cool Machine – City Of The Devils
  15. Mosaic – Kismet

All past flea market mix-sets are still here.

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Aberraciones del Disco


Aberraciones del Disco

Need some action? Try these, originally recorded for Planeta Modular radio.

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Primitive Desire


Primitive Desire

Tracks extremely hot six or seven years ago when this recording was made during a gig. Contains long versions of Eastbound Expressway’s fierce Primitive Desire, Delicate Jan by Azoto, Johnny Guitar by Slang and the anthemic Dream Machine by Disco Dream and the Androids – which absolutely has to be heard in full – plus some Discocross and a bit of Yma Sumac.

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Akin I Lbhar (Au-delà Des Mers)


Akin I Lbhar

A bit more 80s, this one, with a strong Les Bains Douches vibe – think Philippe Starck furniture, w i d e shoulderpads, everybody wearing black. Tracks include Djamel Allam: Akin I Lbhar (Au-delà Des Mers), B.E.F: The Secret Life of Arabia, Richard Strange and the Engine Room: Damascus, Ande Popp: Mondo Popp, plus misacellaneous bits and pieces from people like Bernard Lavilliers.

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Disco (In)compréhension mix


Disco (In)compréhension mix

Got a message: “Overfitting, that’s everything good music is not”. So here goes, more AntiCristoDisco, one full hour of it!

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Studio One Los Angeles Mix

studio one

Studio One, Los Angeles Mix

Sounds played thirty seven years ago, the week of April the 18th to 23th 1977 at Studio One disco at 652 North LaPeer Drive in West Hollywood Los Angeles. According to Vince Aletti’s book, dj Paul Dougan listed the German record Jungle People by Soulful Dynamics as one of the hottest tracks. Also popular in clubs that week and included in the mix: the brilliant disco exotica number O Ba Ba by D.C LaRue, the seven minute version of Ritchie Family’s Lady Luck, the non-remixed original version of Kings of Clubs by The Chocolats, the David Todd remix of Faith, Hope & Charity’s You’re My Peace Of Mind, etc.

They used vinyls only in 1977 just like we do now at Overfitting Disco, of course.

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Night People Mix (Times Square, October 1976)


Night People Mix

The 3rd in the series based on the club lists in Vince Aletti’s book The Disco Files. The time is October 1976, the music tracks like Night People by Fantastic Four that were introduced at discos earlier as promos and imports. Now out commercially, the records are being pumped thru radios all over, in cars, stores, cocktail bars, hair salons, especially in New York.

The heart of New York is awash with the sound. Talking about Times Square area, the neon-lit urban jungle of blocks around Broadway and Seventh & Eight Avenue, stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. Massage parlours, fast food joints, cinemas showing grotesque exploitation and porn films 24 hours a day, every day of the year. People pushing and shoving, loitering around doorways, pimps, pushers, prostitutes, junkies and alcoholics everywhere. Weird smells, smoke, deafening noise, sirens, screams, disco music.

This rich undergrowth of American culture is all gone now, nothing remains of the once vibrant, dangerous and exciting scene. All the cinemas are either gone or transformed and the filth is all cleaned up. Where once films like Rump Humpers or Trap Them And Kill Them lured in the curious or the homeless the latest Pixar animations now play for whole families. Everything is destroyed forever.

The Story is best told in Tales Of Times Square by Josh Alan Friedman, out by Feral House Books as an expanded edition:
“A six-foot-tall black hooker in a blond wig comes strutting down Eighth Avenue. “Wanna go out?” she asks to businessmen walking by. No response. “Looking for a date?”. No-one acknowledges her presence. She stands more aggressively in the middle of the sidewalk, grabbing pedestrians. “Wanna date, honey? Lookin for some sex? Wanna good time? How ‘bout a suck and fuck?”. Everybody just brushes her aside. She feels desperate and screams “DON’T NO ONE WANNA PAY FOR MAH PUSSY?”.

You get to go to Platos’s Retreat, live shows offering couples on stage, greasy restaurants, whorehouses, strip clubs plus all the grindhouses and pornies like The Harem on 249 West: “A double bill of second-run porn is showing, Titillation and Never Enough. Two long, narrow rows of seats are occupied by black transvestites, pre-op transsexuals, subway toilet queens, and confused Japanese tourists. Night and day, they live here for five bucks. Not one empty seat. Ghastly, open-mouthed faces lie unconscious, others are smoking, wheezing, spitting, festering in the warmth of each other’s disease.”

I so want to go back to Times Square but can’t. We still have the music, though.

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Ich Liebe Deutschen Disco-Sound mix


Ich Liebe Deutschen Disco-Sound

Here is the disco-scene. Origineller Frischer Sound. Original New Hit-Parade-Sound.
Viele riesige Discothekenscheiben, besonderes dürfte eventuell die instrumentale Rückseiten bei Discotheken ankommen.

Presenting U.A. JONATHAN aus München, SARABANDE aus Düsseldorf, sowie SEXY JUNGE DAME VERY SEXY GIRLS aus Hamburg, London, Köln, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Paris. Ihre Disco-Musik geht in die Beine!

All have potential for an International Career.
Alle haben Voraussetzungen fur einem Internationalen Erfolg.

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