Leroy Vohn and his stars

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Record it’s years you have, but you never had the chance to play.
So, before today you thought you had Leroy Vohn and Money, and Puppet, Gang and Orchestra. How could you therefore miss Leroy Vohn and his stars? One of the many incarnations-monikers of Renato Ulvioni (Ulvioni’s show and Babysitter), from 1979. A mystery why two versions: A side features Kiki Smith (not that Kiki Smith I guess) and is sung in english, flipside is sung in spanish by Sandy B. Once again, if anyone had any doubt, is a concentrate of most stylistic elements of disco: campish off-key singing is on the cheese side, but the track shows enough variety in its elements all through: female moans, drum solos and synths mainly, but (male) moanings and more can be heard in the full length on the radio.

Leroy Vohn and his stars featuring Kiki Smith – Carolina (english version)

Leroy Vohn and his stars featuring Sandy B – Carolina (spanish version)

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