Captain Future

181293467_b8a5022738_o.jpg Every thirty or twentysomething will easily remember this old anime, named differently according to the country that broadcast the show (e.g. Captain Future, Capitan Futuro or Capitaine Flam).

It is worth noting that every European country had its own version of the OST. While, in France for example, Jean-Jacques Debout (see previous post) recorded it, Christian Bruhn released his own version for the German market, in 1980.

Christian Bruhn – Gefahr
Christian Bruhn – Vor dem Start
Christian Bruhn – Durch den Weltraum nach Hause

This OST spawned countless remixes and cover versions. Some are o.k., others are really bad.

The original:
Christian Bruhn – Feinde greifen an
The remake:
Phil Fuldner – The Final (Chronovisor Mix) (1998)

The original:
Christian Bruhn – Space – Wind
The remake:
Wildchild – All Together (1996) – I should still have my Mokum T-shirt somewhere, cleanly packed…


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