A Gay Virgil



I admit, i am not a big fan of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, too many negative judgements on all these wonderful sexual sinners; nevertheless the part dedicated to Hell is my favourite. I only would have added a little bit more joyful action, sleazy sex and pumped music in it. Among the records played there could be one i casually found one month ago: it’s a Hansa label test pressing 12″ of 1979. The artist is…..Virgil! Exactly same name as the Roman period poet (October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC) which conducts , in the “Divine Comedy”, trough a journey to Hell and Purgatory, Dante Alighieri himself. The 12″ (45 rpm) has two different tracks, both quite queer: A-side is “Boys In The Street”, while B-side is “Golden Gay Frisco”.

So…let’s imagine Virgil in a club located in Hell packed of naked bodies dancing, and having sex, with the weirdest, rarest, most glamourous disco!

Virgil – Boys In The Street

Virgil – Golden Gay Frisco




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Family Gay – Bulldozer

Family gay

Who says that gay families are only a recent thing? Here is the track “Bulldozer” by…Family Gay, an italian pop-disco project issued in 1978 by Bergamo based Emmebi Records. The 7″ contains “Love Man” track on A-side, which is a pop ballad, and this “Bulldozer” on B-side, more discofied. I personally discovered this record in a small flea market in North of Italy, which continue to be my favourite spots for disco records hunting. This is my first post on Overfitting Disco, and i am proud to be part of this superfab collective.

Family Gay – Bulldozer



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Timothy e Luca – Due


Obscure italian disco masterpiece or total crap that needs to be forgotten as soon as possible? Either way, this 1979 gay-themed track is all about one of the two guys getting horny listening how the other one cheated on him, I’m pretty sure it needs no translation whatsoever. For sure, this is strictly for sleaze experts only.

Timothy & Luca – Due

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