As Loose As The Eurostoxx


An old DJ set I’ve dug up from a dusty hard drive, most likely recorded in late 2008 (hence this curious name.) I don’t recall the set being aired on the webradio, nor mixing it, but I’m defo proud of it upon listening to it now.

Big fat warning: if you can’t stand unlikely mashups, bits of eurodance and chiptunes here and there, loads of italo disco covers with huge sawtooth waves, please don’t listen to it. This post does really deserve its ‘wtf?’ tag.

Various Artists – As Loose As The Eurostoxx


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International Karate

I know it’s pretty rare and not really my preferred genre but this time I’d like to introduce a… chiptune. A great chiptune. And also a great cover version of this track at the same time.

Ron Hubbard was the #1 chiptune maker for an early-eighties 8bit computer called Commodore 64. In 1986, for the release of the game International Karate by System 3, he geniusly re-arranged and chopped up a few patterns from Ryuchi Sakamoto‘s Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence and it then became one the most memorable video game soundtrack

Rob Hubbard – International Karate

Here is a 2005 acappella version of this song too. This one is also one of the best in its genre

Visa Röster – International Karate

BTW and if you like both and can’t choose, there’s a mashup of the two which is available under the name White Belt – International Karate (mixed along with a few Sakamoto’s beats)

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