Barbara Rey

Spain, 1976. One year after the suppression of the Franco censorship, and basically what was happening was: FREEDOOM, LIBERATION, SEX, SEX and more SEX.
Barbara Rey, along with possibly only Susana Estrada and a few more, has been one of the absolute divas of this era, called “destape”.
After being discovered by Valerio Lazarov and becoming super popular on tv, no surprise someone came up with the idea of let her sing on a record. This is the B-side of her only single “Si No Valgo La Pena”, which is a cheesy ballad. Of course the killer tune is on the b-side: “El Libro de Amor” is a Georgie Dann-penned track, and you can totally tell by the blueprint arrangement.
The result is as sleazy as we love, with the cherry on top of Barbara’s off-key singing, which of course, to our eyes, a little pitched up, makes it reach even higher levels of perfection.

Barbara also starred in one of the most successful (and controversial) movies of the era, 1977’s “Me siento extraña”: probably one of the early pioneer movies depicting female homosexuality on a screen in Spain.

Barbara Rey – Mi libro de amor

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