Feeling Dizzy

It seems centuries have passed since my last post in this blog. But the disco bug has never left me … and my wallet. Among the records i found this winter, there is one that i think deserves to be posted here. It is a French 7″ of 1980, produced by Jean Lahcene, under the name of Roll-Mops. It contains the songs Cosmic Trip on A-side, and Feeling Dizzy on B-side. But, it’s the second that, i think, deserves more attention. The voice is of Serge Lamy, who in 1982 would have recorded the 7″ containing the song Ça Tourne, a spicy pop funk with latin veins. In short, enjoy!

Roll-Mops – Feeling Dizzy

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Beranek – Dra Til Hælvete


I really have to thank my “disco-friend” Italocarlito for having let me know of this record few days ago, as the A-side of it (track Dra Til Hælvete), has been remixed recently by two world-famous DJs and, maybe, i would have been able to find it at a much higher price, in the future. Dra Til Hælvete (literally Go To Hell) was released as a 7″ in 1981, by Norwegian label Mind Expanding Records, with lyrics, music, and interpretation by Beranek (Espen Beranek Holm, born 1960), a comedian and musician quite well-known in Norway, where he hosts the still running weekly radio satire show Hallo i uken, and for being a frequent presence on TV show Løvebakken (a version of comedy panel game show If I Ruled the World). In the early 1980s he also hosted a pop-show on NRK radio, called Happy Hour. The present track talks about a man cruising the streets searching for drugs, but short of money, fells prey of the dealer and heroin, and goes to hell. The controversial lyrics made this song banned by many radio stations, making it a sort of cult among Scandinavian DJs. It was in fact  repressed in Sweden too, after it reached the number 1 in Norwegian records chart, and there is even a 12″ version, not on label. Ah….track of B-side is Balls & Calls, which i like less, and tells that all men are fixated with….men balls.





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Suzanne Menzel

I feel it starts again

The Ghost

Goodbyes and Beginnings. A record that’s on many danish collectors’ lips lately. The mysterious and very obscure LP from Suzanne Menzel, who released this with her own funds somewhere in Copenhagen, 1981. What of course makes this really interesting is that the LP is produced by the danish New-age pioneer Klaus Schønning. Most known for his first three LP’s “lydglimt”, “Cyclus” and “Nasavu”. Schønning’s old analog synth sound, with lo-fi drum machines all over, gives his records a certain minimal-synth feel to them without getting gothic or dark, and this is no exception. The difference lies in Suzanne’s very technical and unique voice, which gives this record it’s magic touch. I actually like most of the LP, but these two probably stand out the most for me.

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Two of Hearts Original

sgtoh65176843681611751713147384387 This one appears to be the original version then remade one year later by Stacey Q.

Thank you kundalini.

Sue Gatlin – Two of Hearts (1985)

See here for a preview of the cover version.

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