Dun Wanna

Since we started about eight years ago the scene has been going places via the scenic route. It’s been substantially more good looking. Dancing and conversation and the whole bit started responding better to our kind of rhythm, tone, body movement, happy accidents and celestial mechanics. Now intelligence meets ecstasy with a samurai-like sharpness.

Along with disco, discoesque boogie has during these years been injected into our DNA. That kind of vibes are radiating strongly in the UK now, as can be heard in Burnin’, the brand new first realese by Birmingham band Dun Wanna. The track is offically coming out tomorrow Thursday the 28th and is already  getting air play in the city, playing to win.

The music is sleek but strong and not suffering from minimalist bulimia. The arrangement is contemporary in an astute way and we are among it’s areas of responsibility. Above is a preview clip courtesy of one of the band members, so take a listen!

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