The Thing! Tuesday 24, 19:00 UTC

Surprise webradio show tomorrow, Tue. 24, 19:00 UTC!

Two hours of Eclectic Cosmic Voodoo Dance music, presented by Mystic Rock.

This show will be re-broadcasted next week. “The Thing” concept will be later expanded into a full programme on the webradio.

More soon.

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Bonediscomix, Every two months, on the first Thursday of the month, 19:00 UTC


Welcome to our new host, Mark Boon, who will regularly broadcast his Bonediscomixes on our webradio from now on!

Write the dates down in your calendar, and spread the word among your friends: the show will take place every two months, on the first Thursday of the month, 19:00 UTC, for approx. 1 hour.
And it starts this week, Thu. 12.

The concept is simple: to each show its own theme. This week the word is… speed car 🙂

And if you ever miss it, don’t worry: re-runs are scheduled every two weeks after the initial broadcast.

Huge kudos to him, and welcome, once again. He’s now officially part of the webradio DJ roster, along with The Robot Scientists and their Spaced Out Disco Sessions.

P.S. Another radio show soon to be unveiled, stay tuned…

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Fourth Birthday Report – The 12-hour-long recording is here!

If you’ve missed our blog’s birthday party – originally aired on Fri. Dec. 30, or just want to listen to the DJ sets once more, the recordings of the 12-hour Disco marathon night are now available for download.

As usual, we’d like to wholeheartedly thank the DJs who accepted the invitation, and, of course, all the radio listeners, who, we hope, enjoyed this night as much as we did.

Note: Please, favour the torrents over the direct links if you can.

In order of appearance:

00 [Jingle] Direct link
01 Mark Boon Direct link
02 Chris Kontos Direct link
03 Carlo Simula Direct link
04 Jussi Kantonen Direct link
05 spAceLex Direct link
06 Loud-E Direct link
07 okay_awright Direct link
08 Spaziale Direct link
09 Casionova Direct link
10 The Robot Scientists Direct link
11 Rob’n’Zoopsie Direct link
12 How_Beezar Direct link
13 Mystic Rock Direct link

Compared to the previous birthday reports, the DJ sets for download are (almost) pristine material, without any of the cosmetic changes or jingles or heavy re-mastering that were added during the original broadcast. No tracklisting this time around, sorry.

P.S. The previous birthday recordings are available here, there, and finally here.


Sticky: Almost there…

[Jingle] – Fourth Birthday Party Teaser

EDIT: Here’s the non definitive DJ line up for tonight:

  1. Mark Boon
  2. Chris Kontos
  3. Carlo Simula
  4. Jussi Kantonen
  5. SpAceLex
  6. Loud-E
  7. okay_awright
  8. Spaziale
  9. Casionova
  10. The Robot Scientists
  11. Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie
  12. How_Beezar
  13. Mystic Rock

We hope to satisfy listeners from very different time zones this way. The first half of the night should be mostly dedicated to the 70s Disco sound, while the other half will be reserved for Italo Disco, Synthpop and more Electronic sounds.

No approximate time slots available yet. Log on to our webradio platform to track the final line up in real time.

P.S. Reminder: how to listen to the webradio

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One nice re-edit of the “Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – Closer, Closer” song.

6th borough project – closer




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Give me the night

Georges Benson – Give Me The Night









One lovely disco track from 1980.

The best George Benson’s song for my taste.

You can find more info here.

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Spaced Out Disco Session: Extra – Friday, September 2

Tomorrow, Fri. September 2, 20:00 UTC : 2 hours of The Spaced Out Disco Session by The Robot Scientists.

The Robot Scientists are in vacation right now, so these will be re-runs of two of their past shows.


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Spaced Out Disco Session: Extra – Friday, August 5

Tomorrow, Fri. August 5, 20:00 UTC : 2 hours of The Spaced Out Disco Session by The Robot Scientists.

The Robot Scientists are in vacation right now, so these will be re-runs of two of their past shows.


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Collaborative webradio: more content, more features, more fun

Our radio station is aging a bit, that’s why we’re soon going to switch to a state-of-the-art platform with more features and more content.

Honestly, I’m quite proud of this new baby, it will resolve all the problems we are currently facing with our old system. Collaborators will be able to easily broadcast what they want, how they want, remotely, and any time. And, you, listeners will be given all the features you ever wanted: track requests, submit tracks for airplay, cover arts, votes, ratings, precise dynamic schedules, etc. You name it, you’ll have it.


But it’s still not ready for prime-time, yet. I’m looking for collaborators and contributors who know their way in Java to help me finalize a few things. Or just join up if you want to add your own features if you like.


N.B. Hey, of course, you can use this platform for your own webradios, it’s free for everyone!


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No Spaced Out Disco Session this week

No Spaced Out Disco Session this Friday, it’s postponed to next week.


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Timothy e Luca – Due


Obscure italian disco masterpiece or total crap that needs to be forgotten as soon as possible? Either way, this 1979 gay-themed track is all about one of the two guys getting horny listening how the other one cheated on him, I’m pretty sure it needs no translation whatsoever. For sure, this is strictly for sleaze experts only.

Timothy & Luca – Due

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Third Birthday Report – The 9-hour-long recording is here!

The post of the year has arrived: the full webradio recording of the Third Birthday Bash – originally aired on January 8, 2011, is now ready for download.


Over 9 hours (9 hours and a half to be precise) of Disco mixery, in all its forms. All decades are represented, all sub-genres are featured. It goes from obscure vintage proto-Disco to new school Housey stompers: there’s a specific mixset for everyone’s taste.

Thank you to all the DJs, who kindly accepted to share their Disco knowledge and know-how. Kudos to all listeners, for your enthusiasm and your support.

Happy birthday Overfitting Disco.

In order of appearance:

  • Eugene Tambourine (M. E. Lemcio) [US]
    • Laurie Anderson
    • Ashford & Simpson – Maybe I Can Find It (ET Miniscule Edit)
    • Jakki – You Are The Star (ET Edit)
    • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Come Out And Play (ET Edit)
    • Balihu – Warped (ET Edit)
    • Paris Grey – Big Fun (acapella overlay)
    • Oppenheimer’s Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
    • Coati Mundi – The Boat Dance (ET Edit)
    • Patrice Rushen – Let The Music Take Me
    • Chas Jankel & Laura Weymouth – Whisper (ET Edit)
    • Marvin Gaye – Love Party (ET Apocalypse Edit)
    • Denise Montana – Can You Spare A Little Love For Me? (ET Edit)
    • Michael Henderson – You’re My Choice (Bisopsgarden Mix/ET Edit)
    • Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches & Prunes (ET Edit)
    • Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principella
    • Xena – On The Upside
    • Liza Minnelli – Losing My Mind
    • Moodymann – Don’t You Want My Love?
    • D-Train – Music (vocal excerpt)
  • Italocarlito [IT]
    • Beginning of RAI Italian TV programs sigla, 1970s
    • CJ & Co – Devil’s Gun pt.1
    • Boncompagni & Ormi – Ritmo Dance
    • Erotic Drum Band – Love Disco Style
    • Roxy Music – Angel Eyes
    • Desert Express – Disco Piper
    • Arpeggio – Love & Desire pt.2
    • Queen Samantha – Mama Rue
    • Who’s Who – Palace Palace
    • Chocolat’s – The King of Clubs
    • Malibu – Must be love
    • Cocktail Naif – Love Concert
    • Mina – Tiger Bay
    • Orient Express – Abdullah’s Wedding
    • Moleskine – Doctor I gotta have music
    • Ayx – Incontro Due
    • Lina SavonĂ  – Maya
    • Enigma – Cave Man
    • Gino Soccio – Outline
    • Charme – Cobra Dance pt. 1
    • Giorgia Lauda – Mandolino
    • El Tigre – Figure
    • Laser – His name is Charlie
    • Barbados Climax – Sexation
    • Giants – Backdoor man
    • End of RAI Italian TV programs sigla, 1970s
  • SpAceLex [DE]
    • No track list
  • Jerry Bonham [US]
    • No track list
  • Jussi Kantonen [FI]
    • Chab Hamid – Lala Sadia (over Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose)
    • Peter Nero – Soul Ballet
    • Carl Barok – Blue Nights In Granada
    • Diabolic Man – Diabolic Man
    • Lovers Unlimited – Give A Little Time For Your Love
    • MTC AthĂ©nĂ©e – Welcome
    • Okko Bekker – Santana
    • John Ireland – Stars
    • Biddu Orchestra – Journey To The Sun
    • Chrisma – Amore
    • Bonnie St. Claire – Don’t Let Them Stop The Music
    • Superguitar – Shadows In A Disco
    • Pop Concerto Orchestra – Hey Hey
    • Champagne – Black Jack
    • Spinach – Action Man pt 2
    • Coincidence – Mr Right
    • Possession – Possess Me
    • Diabolic Soul Invention – Mefisto
  • The Robot Scientists [DE]
    • Brian Bennett – Voyage
    • The Splash Band – Das Philadelphia Experiment
    • Brian Auger – Night train to nowhere (instr.)
    • Discodromo – Guinea (Andy Blake’s Edit)
    • Tesla Sonic – The thundering bolt of Jove
    • Apiento & Co – She walks (Pete Herbert Remix)
    • Marbeya Sound – Non reciprocal (Rayko Remix)
    • Hannulelauri – Sorcery
    • B. Blase – Shake it now (instr.)
    • Marzio Dance – You can do it (instr.)
    • Riz Ortolani – Il corpo di Linda
    • Electrick Dragon – Italian inspiration
    • MC1 – Counter (Avanti ft. Bottin Remix)
    • Expansives – Live with you
    • Andy Romano – Sayonara robot
    • Electra – Feels good (instr.)
    • Roland Sebastian Faber – Löffelkinder
    • Sare Havlicek – Dreams in light (Original)
    • Blackbelt Anderson – Tyrkisk pepper
    • D-Pulse – On a highway to Saturn (Jan Ken Po Remix)
    • Todd Terje – Italian stallion
    • Thai Break – Flowers in the rain (Maxi Mix by Serge Santiago)
  • Casionova [GB]
    • Spruxxx & Ali Renault – Blades
    • The Hasbeens – Keep Fooling Yourself
    • Mr Pauli – Satisfaction
    • Mr Flagio – Take A Chance
    • Electrick Dragon – Davorite
    • Fockewulf 190 – Gitano
    • Andy Romano – L’amour robotique
    • Alex Valentini – Beautiful Life (Flemming Dalum Edit)
    • Electrick Dragon – Italian Inspiration
    • The Why Not – Comet 059
    • Doctor’s Cat – Watch Out (Instrumental)
  • okay_awright [FR]
    • Defender – Bliss
    • Jess & Crabbe – F9’Riot Squad
    • Alex Gopher – The Child (Faze Action White Wall Tea Party Mix)
    • Social Disco Club & Maia – The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version)
    • 20:20 Soundsystem – Ocean (Ray Mang Instrumental)
    • The Phenomenal Handclap Band – You’ll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix)
    • In Flagranti – Acumen (Holy Ghost! Version)
    • The Golden Filter – Thunderbird (Dub)
    • Martin Virgin – Intergalactic Lover (The Beat Broker Vocal To Dub Mix)
    • Jewrhythmics – Misirlou (Pete Herbert Re-Rub)
    • Jogger – Nice Tights (Keenhouse Remix)
    • Headman & Dieter Meier – Gimme (In Flagranti Remix)
    • Moullinex – Superman (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
    • Leonardus & Quinten 909 – Heartbreaker
    • Alan1 – Concertmate (Bobermann Remix)
    • Robyn – Indestructible (A-Trak Dub)
    • SĂ©bastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak Dub)
    • Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco
    • Eddy Rosemond – Wake Up And Move “Funky” (LeBatman Remix)
    • Olav Basoski – The Other Side
    • Vivien Vee – Gotta Go (Silver Disco Remix)
    • His Majesty Andre – Peep Thong
  • How_Beezar [RU]
    • ABBA – Does Your Mama Know (How_Beezar re-touch, short version)
    • AS Dragon – Follow Me
    • Michel Houellebecq – Paric Dourdan
    • John Tyssen & Daniele Prencipe – No Exit
    • Hurdle & Ricotti – Move On
    • Sauveur Mallia – All The Bass
    • Grace Jones – I’ve Done It Again
    • Ian And The Zodiacs – It Ain’t Necessarily So
    • How_Beezar presents Dream Express – Melody And Tune
    • Barry White – Standing In The Shadows Of Love
    • John Oswald – It’s A Beautiful Day
    • Chocolate Weasel – Music For Body Lockers
    • Eolika – I Forgot Your Face (How_Beezar re-edit, short version)
    • Orlando Riva Sound – We’re Not Alone
    • The Intergalactic Orchestra – Star Flying
    • Nazia Hassan – Disco Deewane (Part 2)

Beware: the complete set of files weights a little less than 1Gb. Please favour the torrent links in order to minimize our bandwidth usage.

V/A – Overfitting Disco Presents – The Third Birthday Bash! – 20110108

Part 1 [torrent] [direct link]

Part 2 [torrent] [direct link]

Part 3 [torrent] [direct link]

P.S. The previous year birthday party is still available here.

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Sat. Jan. 8 2011: the blog’s third birthday party!

Overfitting Disco is now 3 years old!

And because every year it’s getting bigger, this time the party will be more intense and will last even longer!


Join in celebrating our third birthday for a very special event broadcast on our webradio.

Just turn on the radio at 8pm UTC on Saturday January 8, 2011, and enjoy over 9 hours of DJ sets, non-stop.

Your hosts de luxe for this night are:

See you on January 8!

EDIT: Here’s the DJ set sequence for the night:

20:00 – 21:00 UTC M. E. Lemcio
21:00 – 22:00 UTC Italocarlito
22:00 – 23:00 UTC SpAceLex
23:00 – 00:00 UTC Jerry Bonham
00:00 – 01:00 UTC Jussi Kantonen
01:00 – 02:00 UTC The Robot Scientists
02:00 – 03:00 UTC Casionova
03:00 – 04:00 UTC okay_awright
04:00 – 05:00 UTC How_beezar

Please note that start times and durations are only approximate.

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The Robot Scientists Spaced Out Disco postponed

For unknown (and weird) technical reasons, the monthly Spaced Out Disco Session hasn’t been scheduled for the right time slot. Sorry if you were patiently waiting for the show to start but it’s been postponed to next week, Friday Dec. 10, 20:00 UTC.

On another topic, the Overfitting Disco crew has a special surprise coming up for January. More about that later.

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How to pirate a vinyl record – the turntable-playable version

So you thought you’ve pirated everything huh?


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The Cost Of Living

It sounded like a promising idea, but in the end I don’t know. Anyway, running the webradio costs some heavy money so it may help a tad.


T-shirts sporting seminal Disco record label logotypes from Europe are now for sell

– these are long dead and buried record labels so no copyright should be infringed anyway, but I may be wrong: protected artworks will be quickly removed on request.

For every bought shirt, 4€ are collected and will help covering the costs of the webradio.

At the moment, are featured:

  • Memory Records
  • Ciao (the promo marquee)
  • Squish Records
  • Zanza
  • Derby
  • Crash Records
  • Hansa International
  • Banana Records
  • Melba Disques
  • Crocos Records
  • Dischi Recordi
  • Tempesti
  • Isadora
  • Savoir Faire records
  • Real Music
  • Rifi Recordings
  • Baby Records
  • Alfa Record Kabushiki Gaisha
  • Ibis Records
  • Discomagic
  • Sensation Records
  • Sauce Internacional
  • Compagnia Generale Del Disco

Tell me if you’d like other labels to be added in the short term.

NEW: bands/artist/record artworks


  • Charlie
  • El Tigre
  • Claudja Barry
  • Black Devil Disco Club
  • Silver Convention
  • Steel Cream
  • Skyline
  • Patrizia Pellegrino
  • Love Robot
  • Enterprise
  • Lucio Battisti
  • Computer

If it sounds fun, then head over here.

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The Robot Scientists on “Memories of the future”


Hey friends,

our first track “Landing on Mars” has been released on a free MP3-download album called “Memories of the future”. You can download the album at

Select Start Records“.

Track number 14  is “Landing on Mars”. It is a Moroder based number with some nice guitar elements and sounds modern as well as it  sounded usually in the good old eighties.

It’s kind of a start to us. Let’s see what will come …

Nice weekend @all


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Radio schedule update

The following changes have been made within the webradio timetable:

  • The “Soulful and Funky Session” has been removed, due to the relative lack of listeners for this time slot
  • The “Nu Disco Session” has been extended, for the opposite reason

These modifications are active from now on

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The Robot Scientists – postponed

Because of a mistake in the timetable scheduling, the Robot Scientists’ DJ set is postponed to Saturday February 6, 20:00 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

See you tomorrow.

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